This simple house in São Paulo is a dream for those who don't like to live in apartments

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Today we are going to visit Brazilian city Jundiaí, located in the state of São Paulo, where architect professionals Vettori Arquitetura, have created a simple house that is perfect for those who don't like living in apartments.

For many of us, apartments lack the space that we need for all of our possessions. Where are we meant to store our cars, bicycles and skateboards? They can also limit us in terms of entertainment, not allowing us enough room for having guests over or hosting dinner parties for the whole family. What's more is that many apartments don't have gardens for fresh air and sunshine.

This is why we are bringing you an alternative today, in the form of this gorgeous little house.

As we explore this home today, we will see how beautiful and homely a practical and simple design can be, with more than enough room for every function. We will also see how effective an open plan design is, creating a spacious and expansive house that merges comfort with style.

Are you ready to take a look?

A sweeping entrance

The entrance to your home always makes a huge difference to how visitors perceive your home and when you have a house rather than an apartment, there is just so much more space to work with.

The designers here have really utilized the space available to them, opting for a sweeping driveway and pathway to the front door, which is very visually appealing as well as practical. The driveway leads up to a covered garage area, which can be used to store cars, bicycles, skateboards and other personal items, offering plenty of space that is well protected. 

The patch of garden adds a breath of fresh air to the look and feel, enhancing the smooth gray and white walls and the harmony between straight lines and curved lines.

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The beautiful garden

The main draw card of owning or living in a house rather than an apartment is the fact that you have a lot more outdoor space to work with. This allows you to create a beautiful garden, which not only enhances the facade of the home but gives you an outdoor area where the kids can play, where barbeques can be hosted and where the sunshine can be embraced.

When it comes to a garden, you have to make sure that it is well-maintained and looked after. You'll need to pull on those gardening gloves or invest in someone who can help you with a fabulous garden design. 

As we can see in this home, a well-organized and neat garden makes for a very appealing home.

An open plan interior

If we head into the home, we can see how the designers have gone for a predominately white design, with white floors and white walls that are illuminated by the natural light that flows into the home.

The white tones contrast with the vibrant cushions, sofas and rugs as well as the wooden features here and there. 

What makes this home look even more modern and sophisticated is the open plan design, where all of the rooms flow into one another, while the functions still remaining quite clear. This is always a great style for a smaller home, making the rooms look that much bigger and more expansive. 

A cozy kitchen

The kitchen is also open plan, but features a little kitchen island, which subtly separates the kitchen from the rest of the home. This is also a great design tip and can be used in an apartment or a house.

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The designers have gone for the same neutral color palette, with white cupboards and drawers, beige marble counters and silver appliances. This is the epitome of a modern and stylish kitchen with all of the bells and whistles.

Yet, you'll notice that there are no condiments, cutlery or crockery on the counter tops. Only the most functional items are on display. This is very important for a small home or an apartment, keeping a home looking sleek, minimalist and organized. 

A touch of green

The other advantage to having a home rather than an apartment is that there is that much more room for having guests come to stay. 

In this home, the designers have created a spare bedroom with twin beds where family and friends can stay all year long. Thanks to the gorgeous green bed spreads and the plump cushions, this room looks like a hotel room. Lamps have also been added next to the bed, giving this room a lovely soft glow.

A bedside table is also very important for any bedroom, giving guests a place to put their water, phones and other items that they may want close to them. 

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A beautiful bathroom

A bathroom is a very important element in the house, considering how much time you spend in it!

The white and black color scheme in this room makes for a very punchy and effective design, with the granite counter tops adding a touch of luxury and elegance to the space. What's great about a bathroom is that you can get away with using a little bit of granite on the counter tops, while still creating an impact.

Because this is a house rather than an apartment, there is a little bit more space to work with. Thus the designers have been able to install a very modern and savvy shower, while still allowing for plenty of room for other features in the room.

A top terrace

Finally, we get to one of the main advantages of a house rather than an apartment—the terrace!

The terrace is a wonderful addition to a home, physically and visually expanding the interior of a home out onto the exterior space. It provides a whole new area where dinners can be shared, cups of coffee drunk and parties held.

The terrace spills out onto the garden, allowing for a wonderful integration with the nature that surrounds the home. The wicker furniture on the terrace is durable, yet comfortable and will last in all weather conditions. The wooden tones contrast beautifully with the white and gray color scheme.

Tip: Add a pot plant or a vase of flowers to a dining room table—whether outside or inside—for a beautiful and natural form of decor.

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What do you think of this cozy house? Tell us about it in the comment section!

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