13 Closet design perfect for small spaces

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More often than not, city apartments don't have enough storage space, and because of that, we need to get inventive when it comes to wardrobes, closets and extra cupboards. Architects and designers are coming up with innovative ideas on where to build extra storage, like underneath staircases, in an awkward corner space, or tucked away behind fake walls and curtains. 

Today we have 13 great closet that are specifically designed for smaller spaces. Use them to inspire you to think creatively when solving your own storage problems. So let's take a look how easy it is to keep your clothes neat, tidy and organised. 

1. Put It All Together

This multi-use, multi-purpose design is great for many different reasons. It's compact, elegant and even has a space above that can be used for more storage or as a high bed / mezzanine level. Great for one bedroom apartments or even for a bedroom in a shared house. Now there is enough space for the television, shoes, books, music, clothes and all sorts of miscellaneous odds and ends.

2. Custom Built

This wardrobe is built specifically to fit at the end of this hallway, making sure every inch of space is used. The design is simple, and can be easily recreated at home. Use high quality wood and install a pair of railings, and you will have an area that is highly functional and easy to access. You will also be able to see instantly what you have! It couldn't be easier.

3. Combine Spaces

This eye-catching wardrobe has been built in the washroom—which is actually quite practical when you think about it: once you finish your hygiene routine, then your clothes for the day are right there. The skeleton structure means clothes are easy to hang up and pull out. And the shelf running along the bottom is a great home for shoes and boots. Just make sure you have plenty of ventilation to keep clothes smelling fresh and aired out. 

For more ways on how to store your shoes, check these awesome tips out.

4. Keep It Hidden

Most bedrooms allow enough space to run a railing alongside one wall, and with this heavy curtain to cover it all, it will stay looking tidy, even unnoticeable. This is another simple space to build yourself, just use the right brackets for shelving and strong grommets if you are drilling into plaster walls. 

homify tip: install track lighting on the inside of the curtain, like in this wardrobe to see your clothes better at night!

5. Seal It Off

Glass is a great way to divide spaces while still keeping as much light in both spaces as possible. And as with this bedroom wardrobe behind a transparent sheet of glass, it gives the room a professional, sophisticated and modern look. It's also a practical way to plan your outfit for the day from the comfort of bed!

6. Use The Corners

This long wardrobe built into the loft really makes the most of the space. Attics spaces with low, angled ceilings are usually not ideal to be used as bedrooms or living rooms (especially if you are tall), so a wardrobe solves two problems  - lack of storage and lack of head space. If they fit, you can easily use pre-built shelving units or wardrobes. 

If you are wanting a more customised wardrobe to really make the most of the space, then consult the help of professionalcarpenters. Then you can't go wrong!

7. Line The Walls

Floor to ceiling cupboards are the best way to get more storage space, while keeping the rest of the room free for other furniture. It pays not to forget about using space up by the ceiling—you may think you will never use cupboards that are above head height, but they are the ideal place for items we use rarely (think of camping gear, winter blankets, spare linen, hiking boots etc).

8. Behind Closed Doors

An easy way to close off the mess usually left in wardrobes and closets, is to have sliding doors that cover the space up. If you have a pokey alcove that you aren't sure of what to do with, then turn it into your own personal changing room! If you aren't lucky enough to have a side room, you can still achieve the same effect by using a folding screen to block it off with.

9. Dedicate A Room

If you have a large family , then why not condense everybody's clothes into one room? Choose a smaller room that is underused in the house and fill it with shelving units like in this home. Remember to install ample lighting as wardrobe spaces get really dark. The low cabinet with glass top in the middle of the room is a great idea for the modern business person. Display your ties or jewellery in here and getting dressed in the morning will be a breeze!

10. Fully Adjustable

Another practical and stylish closet, that is inexpensive, and easy to assemble. The white vertical tracks can be bought at any hardware store, and let you move the shelves up or down, depending on how much space you need.This is a great option if you are constantly adding to your wardrobe. Versatile, modern and simple—it doesn't get much better than this!

11. Think Bigger

Mirrored wardrobe doors not only make a small room feel bigger, they are also useful to use to check that your outfit is picture perfect. So if you already have a closet space in your bedroom, but feel that it is cramping the space, then just install a pair of these doors. The room will instantly become brighter and bigger.

12. Add Some Glamour

Spaces underneath staircases are ideal spots to use for extra closet spaces, more shelves or for a row of drawers. Run some shelving along the top to store boxes and a railing for clothing that sits into the corner. Again, make sure you have enough lighting, and to make the space really special, add some seating. This Victorian style footstool turns a forgotten space into a glamorous nook.

13. Make It An Experience

Another hard-to-use-corner; another innovative wardrobe design. With a clothes railing and shelving added, this awkward recess is now intimate and unique. Include space for a dressing table and stool and it becomes even more inviting, making getting dressed a special experience. The lit-up mirror is a classy touch—and something you could even try making at home. 

All it takes to turn a tiny space into something useful and stylish like these 13 wardrobe spaces, is a bit of creativity, elbow grease and a great toolkit.

How cute is the corner closet in No. 13? What's your favourite wardrobe design?

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