7 Smart Ideas to Pimp your Home Up

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Visually appealing interiors do not hinge only on furniture, furnishings & decor. Minor tweaks here and there can lend that soft touch of elegance & contemporary sophistication to the home. Simple, convenient and budget tips and tricks are all you need to deck up your cozy abode with a graceful hint of modish style. Come with me as I walk you through 7 clever ways to give that perfect look of class and refinement. Let’s go!

The Magic of Colors

Colors are vital to the interiors of any home. They can uplift spaces from gloomy to gorgeous. This is why the choice of palette adorning the walls and other elements is key to ensuring a snug allure. Also, if using a combination of colors, all the colors should be in harmony with one another, forming a pretty picture.

In the given image, the hallway is aesthetically done in a simple yet attractive manner. The gray & orange-ish brown tones of the walls complement the glossy white of the floor tiles & also bring out the brilliance of the illumination bordering the gray wall.

An Eclectic Cornucopia

The diversity of elements comprising the furnishings & decor could work wonders in making living spaces vibrant, chic & charming. As in this living room, the gray couches are accompanied by two coffee tables—one wooden & another with mirrors on the surface, the white leather recliner with foot board, beige rug, gray fur blanket, metallic lamp, glass shelves and wooden cabinets. Together, these different materials along with the lovely decor offer an engaging novelty to the room and provide a refreshing touch of winsome warmth.

Artsy Walls

Trendy wall decor brings a renewed dash of style to the room. In this photo, the light gray wall of this bright dining room is decked up with lovely wall paintings that harmonize with the tonality of the room and supplement the undertones of plush grandeur.

A Touch of Modernity

A sleek modern touch can really make a space look dapper. This image shows a contemporary kitchen wherein the kitchen planners have literally thought out-of-the-box to create an exquisite kitchen wherein a stylish pop up table has been provided along with 4 uniquely designed chairs to form a convenient & mellow setting to enjoy a family meal.  Doing away with the need for a large dining area, this space has ample natural light pouring in through the overhead skylight. With wood & metal accompaniments, this pristine white kitchen bears a truly welcoming & modish touch of novelty.

Open it up!

Having open spaces like a porch or garden ensures plenty of natural light, and also takes care to keep the interiors well ventilated. Bright & airy open spaces look as well as feel good to be in and also give the illusion of enormity for the interiors, as in this photo. This dining room has a fluid layout, leading to the cozy lounging space. The lawn is accessible through the transparent doors that can be opened to let in fresh air from the outside; the other obvious advantage is the convenience of palliative vistas. A potent relaxant, isn’t it?

Keep it Neutral

When dealing with large spaces, light colors are the perfect solution. Light colors add to the brightness & clarity, doing away with the need for extensive lighting. Contrary to dark colors that could look depressing, light colors ring in a cheery & buoyant feel to the room as we can see in the given image. A neutral palette with well contrasting elements makes this lavish space look radiant & super elegant.

Head Outdoors

An outdoor space jazzes up the home by provisioning for you to establish a small patio/ garden and a small pool. You can take a dip and relax with a soothing green view that appeases the senses. It is also a great place to entertain your guests & of course, really worth a dekko!

Do you have any inspiring ideas for beautifying home spaces? Share with us!

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