6 simple ways to build an indoor garden

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Indoor plants are not only beautiful, infusing your home with natural greens and enchanting smells, they also serve to purify toxins in the air, which is especially important for city dwellers. If you don't have a large garden or balcony space where you can grow flowers, and unfortunately that's a lot of us these days, don't worry, because you can still create a fantastic indoor garden!

There's a variety of great ideas, from the decorative to the functional, that allow anyone to fill their home with trees, flowers, and herbs, and we've got everything you need right here at homify!

Today we're going to look at 6 simple ways to approach creating an indoor garden, regardless of space constraints, so that you can spruce up your home with some gorgeous greenery.

1. Palm trees

It's important when planting trees indoors to choose plants that can survive with minimal light and maintenance. If you are concerned about how often you can water and tend to your plants, or about the temperature in your apartment, here at homify there are plenty of professionals on hand to give you advice! 

Tropical palm trees are a great way to introduce a summer vibe to your home, and break the monotony of city life, and we think this indoor garden definitely gets it right!

2. Terrariums and small pots

Extremely easy to care for, small glass pots and terrariums are a great idea for when you only have a little desk space or a window sill. First choose a glass container of any size, from fish tanks to mason jars, and remember recycled materials are always a great idea because they'll add a unique flavour to the terrarium, and you'll be doing the environment a double favour. 

Then simply fill it with soil, add a plant, and add decorative stones which will serve to protect the soil and keep it tidy. A simple, but really effective way to add a little nature to your home!

3. Vertical gardens

One of the greatest benefits of plants, besides promoting tranquility, is air purification, so really the more you can get in the better! A green wall, or vertical garden is a great way to inject your home with a healthy dose of greenery, without requiring any additional space. They also double as fabulous, living, breathing, decoration.

While we know some of you are definitely up to the challenge, we should point out that green walls can be a tricky undertaking, so don't be afraid to get some help from our homify experts!

4. Hang the plants from the wall.

If a vertical garden seems like a little too much work, you can tone it down significantly by simply hanging a plant from the wall. If you want something a little unconventional these rustic faucet pots double as a fantastic ornamental feature, and there's plenty more ideas right here!

5. Fresh herbs in the kitchen

So far we've mostly been focusing on decorative plants, but don't forget the many culinary options available! 

Fresh herbs are a great way to improve any dish you're making, and hanging them in your kitchen will not only fill your home with wonderful aromas, it will mean that it's always on hand at dinner time. Basil will add brilliant greens to your decor and your plate!

6. Build your garden right into your home

We just love this idea. With a table built around a potted tree, you have a unique feature piece for your dining room that will add an exotic flair, and provide a great talking point when you have guests over. This way you can enjoy a garden tea party even in the winter months!

We hope these have inspired you to add a little greenery to your home, regardless of space constraints, but if you want to take it outside check out these great ideas!

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