8 Ideas for your kitchen to stand out!

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In this ideabook we have for you today, we will show 8 completely different designs and innovations. We will focus on a number of kitchens with islands and countertops that are simply unmissable.

For different budgets, you can find situations from simple to more complex. We realize that gets even more interesting when the kitchen design is created based on the overall style of the house, finding harmony with all environments. In addition, these 8 examples show us that originality and personality are linked directly to a design that is creative within the proposal to translate the interests and routine of residents.

Inspire yourself with interesting solutions that bring quirky touches and a delicious traditional flavor. Discover how to ensure an exciting result in the kitchen, even when we give priority to practicality and functionality. Details are able to transform the operation of an essential atmosphere in any home.

1. Waves of adhesives

An incredibly easy way to distinguish your kitchen from others, is by incorporating adhesives. We can find different fun-filled combinations and the main advantage is that they are easily exchanged when we get tired of them. Here, we show you an idea that brings relaxation without compromising the kitchen’s lightness.

2. Minimalist kitchen with exemplary architecture

This kitchen is a classic example of what can be done to supplement an absolutely dramatic space. In this case, the architecture of the space itself, with these high ceilings and towering windows, make this kitchen unique. With this in mind, a minimalist kitchen with clean lines and neutral colors, certainly won’t steal the spotlight in a house of exemplary architecture.

3. Creative wallpaper

This example shows a kitchen as simple as it is economic. Here, we used the wallpaper to completely change the atmosphere. Its great advantage is that it presents a multitude of colors and prints, which gives you a huge range of possibility. We recommend incorporating it into a wall that is away from the sink and stove, to preserve the wall for longer.

4. Special elements of color and style

This kitchen is a true reflection of its owner, who managed a very light and delicate set. The refrigerator in vintage pink steals the show. It is perfectly complemented by the checkerboard floor that is a classic and combines perfectly with the other environments in an integrated design.

5. Unique and original pieces

There are impressive and unforgettable elements or objects which can completely transform the kitchen. In the case of this picture, this furniture used seems to have come out of a traditional French bakery. With a touch of Paris, it brings personality to a fairly minimalist space. Lamps complement the romantic air, which emphasize the wooden furniture.

6. Chalkboard wall

Slate walls have the virtue of providing a kind of blank screen (or black in this case) for our kitchen. This idea is especially attractive for owners with artistic skills and who would like to be able to renew drawings or phrases when they want. We must not forget that dark walls can steal light, and therefore will work much better in rooms with plenty of natural light.

7. Industrial style

This kitchen owes a very special thanks to the industrial decorating style. Different, but similar chairs and lamps are very attractive, with an air of casual. However, the protagonist is undoubtedly the balance sheet, which is the space star. A good example of achievement and creativity in the kitchen!

If the industrial style gets you inspired, you will love this modern farmhouse with industrial elements!

8. Ceramics and lots of color

A kitchen that would otherwise be quite common, became original thanks to the application of different grounds of ceramics tiles with cheerful colors. This is an excellent coating solution which plays an extremely practical function and has high decorative value. The rest of the kitchen has a simple design using the white, serving to enhance the colors of ceramics

Which of these kitchen ideas did you like the most? Tell us in the comment section! 

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