10 cookers that will change your kitchen

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Diseñamos tus espacios para hacerte vivir BUENOS MOMENTOS, IROKA IROKA Modern Kitchen
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You have probably heard the old fashioned saying home is where the hearth is. We are giving that sentence a modern spin and claiming that home is where the kitchen hob is. And if you don't believe us, then this collection of 10 incredible kitchens will quickly convince you. In every one, the stove top or oven is the focal point of the design, and rightly so, as it is the point where the chef spends most of their time in front of. Family and friends also gather around the stove top, since it is the source of all good smells and that cozy warmth everyone loves. 

So whether you are wanting to redesign your kitchen, or are building entirely from scratch, take a look at these ideas and be inspired to make your own stove top the star of the (cooking) show.  

1. Mightily Modern

Diseñamos tus espacios para hacerte vivir BUENOS MOMENTOS, IROKA IROKA Modern Kitchen Storage

This industrial sized oven and range hood combo fit right into this tidy, modern kitchen. It's large proportions are balanced by the bright block colours on the wall and it's shape is complemented by the simple, square cupboards and cabinets. 

If you want to go big with your cooker, then make everything else bold and bright and it will look right. 

2. Completely Natural

Thanks to the wooden cabinetry and floorboards, this kitchen has some old fashioned elegance and sophistication. And the oven is perfectly suited to the style and hardly noticeable. It is subtle and stylish with a plain black facade without fussy trimmings. 

Nestled nicely among the wooden cupboards it matches the simple style lines and ties in with the gray and black speckled granite countertop. 

3. Snug Fit

The grays, whites and beiges of this kitchen are perfectly suited to the metallic tones of the stove top, oven and even microwave. A smart idea to blend the appliances in with the decor is to keep your colours neutral like these. The style of the cupboards are also smartly designed—the oven fits in snugly, as does the microwave.

Whether it's true or not, this kitchen looks like it's been built especially for the appliances. The result is a tidy, user friendly, modern and modest kitchen. 

If you do want a customised kitchen, then be sure to get a hold of these professional kitchen planners for advise.

4. Show Off!

Diseñamos tus espacios para hacerte vivir BUENOS MOMENTOS, IROKA IROKA Modern Kitchen Storage

On the other end of the colour scale, if you want to make your beautiful new cooker stand out and really show it off, then keep your cabinets bright like these fire engine red ones. But the thing that ties it all together are the proportions—the cupboards and draws are built with the same dimensions as the oven to tie it together. 

The cohesion also lies in the details, like the glass cupboard, the steel lighting track, and the metallic borders around the cupboards. These bring the different elements together making it all a great match. 

5. Keeping It Clean

Now, this is a streamlined, easy kitchen. No frills. No fuss. And the oven and range hood are no different. Essential to ventilation and keeping your kitchen smelling, and looking clean, a range hood is a must for every busy kitchen. They are usually bulky, so there's no point trying to hide them or cover them up. 

This kitchen deals with the size and severity of the range hood by making it a feature and fitting everything else around it. Keep the style lines of your kitchen clean and big items will look right at home.

6. Celebrity Chef

CASAS VERDES CAMPOS, hola hola Modern Kitchen

Instead of jamming your stovetop in a corner, against a wall, why not try installing it in the middle of the room? This unique design allows the cook to be a 'celebrity chef', with all eyes on the action. It's also a great set up for entertaining guests while cooking. Having a stove top on the kitchen island means this kitchen is informal, different and definitely entertaining. 

The boxy range hood is also perfect to have hanging in the centre of the kitchen. It is elegant, modern and tidy. An all-star room! 

7. The Finer Details

Everything in this kitchen is superbly designed and well thought out. Is you are building your kitchen from scratch, then do make sure you think about everything little thing. Here it's the handles that are the stand out feature. It may sound like a fussy detail to focus on, but since there are so many of them needed, they will actually become an essential element to your room. 

It pays to concentrate on the finer details! 

8. Finding The Balance

This is a bona fide show-stopping kitchen. The cheerful canary yellow of the walls and the cabinetry stand out only because of the white and gray contrasts. More often that not stove tops and oven will be gray or black, so you need other gray or black elements to achieve the balance. 

This kitchen works because of the light vs dark, the bright vs dull, classic vs funky (check out that range hood for something different). 

9. A Breeze To Clean

One of the great things about modern kitchen appliances is that they are streamlined and not bulky (unless of course you want them to be). This electric stove top is a great style to set in a countertop without it looking like too much, and doesn't have fiddly parts sticking out. 

The flat surface means it's also a breeze to clean and you won't waste time washing the metal stands or frames that come with gas stove tops. 

10. Inject Some Personality

This bright and lively kitchen proves practical doesn't always mean conventional. If you love colour, then why not put some into the decor. These violet kitchen stools and lit up purple splash board give this kitchen personality and energy. The unique breakfast bar keeps it informal and youthful. 

So when you are planning your kitchen, make it an extension of yourself—it doesn't have to be sober or sombre. Just remember to consider your appliances, the overall balance of the room, details (like doorhandles) matter and get playful! 

If you are still unsure, here are some more great kitchens ideas to get your inspiration going. 

We absolutely love that stove top and range hood in No. 6. What's your favourite kitchen set up?

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