A 300 ft2 Storeroom Transforms Into An Enviable Apartment

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What do you do with an abandoned warehouse with mold and structural problems? Take it to the experts and see what they come up with. In this case the professional team were Pietro Emilio Cubadda, who managed to turn this sad tiny space into a magnificent loft. The renovation costs were low, at around 45 thousand Euros, approximately 62 thousand US dollars. Let us take a look and find out how they turned this decrepit space into a livable beautiful loft. 

The Facade

This is the entrance to the house, it doesn't look like much, actually for us here at homify, it looks like a business that is closed.  

Damp Environment

Once they have passed those roll up shutters, what they found inside was damage caused by humidity.  This part of the structure was in extreme need of work. The architects cleverly used plastic form boards underneath the floor to circumvent the dampness from expanding. 

Creating the loft

The lack of space is always a challenge but having a high ceiling is a definite plus. This gave the professionals an option of constructing a loft structure.  

A New bathroom

To improve on maximizing space, the bathroom was moved to the right side of the loft. Wait till you see the after photograph. 

The Kitchen

Originally where the bathroom was, a new kitchen was being built, using the corner of the room to optimize space. 

The new Facade

The front of the property is looking less like a shop entrance now and more like a home entrance. The shutter has been removed and the size of the entrance reduced to fit this door. 

The New Interior

Complete and furnished, the loft has a fantastic almost historic charm to it, wood beams give the environment a bit of warmth, and the choice of colors adds to the unique stone wall making it a stunning feature. 

The Upstairs

The upstairs got turned into a sitting area by day and a bedroom by night by the use of a sofa bed. This is clever use by the interior architect to create space, creating a myriad of multitasking environments.

The kitchen

A multi-functioning kitchen/ dining area is suited for the loft. Much like the sitting area/ bedroom, a loft is about the multitasking of rooms and furniture. Here the counter top also acts like a dinning table that can fit up to 3 people. What an ingenious way of making the best out of your space! 

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The bathroom

Another clever room from the architects, using neutral colors and that transparent shower door to create space, a walk in shower, and running with the same color pallet from the kitchen. 

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