Houses: 13 houses with gorgeous front entry paths

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Who has never stopped the car to look at a house? Or admire houses that you pass by daily and think that you would like to have that for yourself one day. We use real houses as references for architects, things we like and things we don't want for our project. This research and or admiration starts with the facade of the house, manicured lawns, gardens and front entrances are the appetizer to knowing any project. Today we will look at 13 houses that wet that appetite, entry paths of fantastic houses. So, get in the car and let us take a drive. Ready?

Houses: 13 houses with gorgeous front entry paths

1. Wooden Pathway

The path you take is dictated by the wood panels on the floor, the beauty between the wood and the super green grass is highlighted by the lights that lead you to the house. A real fantastic garden design that makes you feel at home with your first step. 

2. Artistic Inspiration

The architects involved in this project are Aquiles Nícolas Kílaris, from the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil. They deserve a mention for their modern and grandeur designs. For this plan they concentrated on modern but with a very welcoming entrance with the use of plants, grass, a light path and circular shapes for the  pathway.

3. Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes when done well can result in an almost futuristic vibe. This is the case with this project, the modernity of this facade is incredible, you have a zigzag entrance way in concrete, grass and tiny flowers adorning the concrete that leads you to a door. Now we are curious to see what is behind that huge door!

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4. A Catwalk

Here we see a catwalk over water, lit up by underwater placed lights, with water features embellishing this path. Can you see how elegant and harmonious you might feel whilst making your way towards that door. It is like an adventure to reach the home on a daily basis. 

5. Lighting is Key

Speaking about lighting, lets talk about LED lights added in the most crucial of all place for an entry way, the steps! What a wow factor, this is a great example what lights can do to a simple staircase. Here we have the lights guiding your way to the door. 

6. Simple and Elegant

This project might look simple, but there is a lot going on in the tiniest details, that when put together look like this. What a fantastic setting and a wonderful modern industrial building. The wall design with vertical lines, the use of concrete, wood and a tree adds layers to this spectacular home. The stairs leads you directly to the entrance, and the light dresses up the house. 

7. Modern Details

The use of floor lamps for the staircase is brilliant, indicating a safe passage for you and guests with every step you take. The lighting placed by the wall make this space seem bigger and the use of lights in the bushes also adds to this wonderful modern design. 

8. Colorful Entryway

The option to introduce colored LED lighting is pretty fascinating. This modern house design is set in a basic egg shell white, the colored lights adds another dimension to the whole house, not just the entry way. It is literally a show stopper!

9. Minimalist

Another zigzag entrance dictated by concrete and grass. But what these rectangular concrete pathway does more than get you from the street to the front door, it compliments the design and the box shaped house we see. It is breathtaking! 

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10. An Inclined path

The design of this entryway could have been done in many ways, but the architects decided on a slant and added stairway concrete, a solution was to add steps in an inclined space adding a wall garden to each side of the staircase. Simple and functional meets modern. 

11. Simple but with a lot of Character

The use of concrete slabs juxtaposed is simple and brilliant. We do not have any negative space as it is filled with plants, the path is a simple three steps to that gorgeous gigantic wooden door. 

12. A Garden Divide

We are looking at just one house, which we can see two entry ways, first; a door from the garage that leads to the house and the other, the main door with is lead by the zigzag shaped concrete rectangles that gets you to the main entrance of the house. It is simple and useful for when you have a garage that is next to your main entrance. 

13. Natural

Here we have nature, with the plants surrounding the way to the main entrance and wood slabs that are placed on a path of gravel. Just simple, low maintenance and beautiful! We think if we had a chair we would sit and admire this beauty. Wouldnt you?

Which one of these ideas did you like the most? Tell us in the comment section! 

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