5 Terraces: Before and After

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Your terrace is your very own personal space where you can enjoy the open and fresh air with plenty of privacy. Whether it is choosing a spot to perform your yoga exercises before you start your day, or just sitting here and enjoying a warm cup of tea after a long day, this space is definitely a treasure of the house.

However, in many houses, terraces are largely ignored spaces where things are just dumped and stored. Other times, terraces are just blank spaces left empty or unattended, with dirt and moss taking over.

Today, as part of our before and after tour, we want to focus on terraces and some amazing design work that have resulted in turning ugly spaces into places of pride.

So here are five stories of terrace transformations that will leave you inspired!

​1. Before: An underutilised space

This terrace was earlier an underutilised space that did not exhibit any stylistic features. The flimsy looking black railing and peeling paint of the wall made it all look old and faded.

1. ​After: Layered style

The terrace now has a layered style with the help of river grass matting that separates the sitting area and the rest of the deck. A pathway leads up to the covered pergola and the wooden planters look great in the garden setting, even as they are layered with stones and succulent plants. The blinds on the windows are half drawn and create a natural-looking vibe on the wooden deck with its simple and comfortable furniture.

​2. Before: A rundown gazebo

This gazebo seemed to have rotting walls as well as a rundown look. The dilapidated space made it impossible to spend any time here and the tall and untamed shrubs blocked the scenic view.

2. After: Futuristic space

Way to go! The terrace has been converted to a neat and serene space where a modern gazebo stands with its white frame, wooden walls and glass fixtures. Golden lights shine down like two pyramids on the sides while neat rows of green patches stand between the seating area and the gazebo. And look at that amazing view that greets you as you look at the lake on one side, over the slim railings.

​3. Before and after: From drab to charming

The drab and gloomy space was in ruins until the designers rescued it. The charming space now has a Mediterranean vibe. White walls with carved wooden windows and eaves look over the wooden deck. Driftwood furniture and reclining chairs greet you as the flowers make for charming pops of color.

4. ​Before: Overgrown and untamed

This terrace had a wild and untamed look that could scare anyone away. No one wants to spend time in a space that could be hiding different kinds of insects in the grass bushes that surround this area.

​4. After: Neat modification

The wooden panels create a comfortable and neat deck where one can spend time. Also, the old glass exterior has been swapped for neat linear eaves and glass sliding doors, as well as brick-lined columns and walls to create a privacy zone. The trees have been kept intact in the wooden deck to maintain a green look.

​5. Before: Abandoned space

What could the designers possibly do with this abandoned space and its derelict quarters? This property is in need of an urgent revamp and need some heavy-duty design work.

​5. After: A stylish deck

Steps lead to a stone-tiled space as the new wooden planks line the facade, thereby contrasting with the sand-coloured brick columns. This area is a cool and calm place to sit down for a meal at the simple and sturdy dining table. Here is another story that might pique your interest - 15 Awesome Holiday Decoration Ideas!

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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