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Colors have a great significance in our lives. We associate a color to every mood, place and situation- going green with envy, Monday morning blues, pink of health, cheery yellow room, seeing red and so on. Any color defines a particular space with a specific vibe. The same color could denote different things through different shades.

This very concept is applied when interior designers deck up home spaces. A dash of color brings the whole room into life and imparts an entirely new dimension to its appearance. In this ideabook we are going to present you with 12 ideas for different spaces wherein bright as well as sober shades lend a novel aspect to the furnishings & decor, and ultimately to the room.

Mesmerizing Spectacle

Just look at this lounging space! Dark and elegant shades of the violet sofa, the mellow woody accents, yellowish brown floor and of course, the stunning decor add oodles of pizzazz to this beautiful interior design. An endearing setting with soothing outside vistas, the lounge has a sophisticated palette with tasteful decor.

Green Grandeur

Modish design of this living room receives a peppy touch with this striking green shade that adorns the sofa, cushions, dining space seater and the glossy decor piece. A small yet significant contribution is made by the red three legged coffee tables that are chic in their unique shape and zingy color. These two hues add a noteworthy visual effect to the tranquil white & woody tonality.

Smell the Ocean

Transporting you to the serene environs of the ocean side, this wallpaper offers you the tranquil comfort of enjoying a palliative view sitting on the plush purple sofa with bright & cheery cushions. Add to it, the soft furry rug & the chic table with jazzy decor items and you have the perfect setting for a leisurely time in absolute coziness.

Sassy Spark

Adding a welcome vivacity, this indigo colored sofa balances the sober palette & elements adorning this room. Gelling well with the subtle & restrained colors on the wallpaper, floor and the rug, the zingy touch of the sofa adds a cheery hint of vitality. The white door frames bring in a good deal of grace.

Striped Sophistication

The finesse conveyed by this corridor space is exquisite with its soft color scheme and contemporary design. Note the chic patterns in the door panels. The polished wooden floors add to the welcoming dazzle of the white doors and radiant wall stripes.

Gimme Red!

Replete with contemporary furnishings & a shiny wooden paneled ceiling, this cozy bedroom looks ravishing in a shade of red that is neither loud nor unsightly. Lending a great contrast with the white, brown & grey hues, the bed accessories with cushions & curtains look strikingly bright and inviting.

Demurely Dapper

In a similar setting as the previous bedroom, this one looks beautiful with the blue furnishings imparting a subtle yet refined touch of elegance.

Dine in Classic Dazzle

Red and golden dominate this traditional dining set up blended beautifully with contemporary elements like the modish ceiling lights, bold wall decor, golden planter, flamboyant rug and the granite fireplace. Gleaming in lustrous elements, this dining hall setting is ideal for those who love a touch of bling in their homes.

Snug in Softness

This spacious dining room is perfect for a private and cozy dinner with the family in the pastel glow of the colorful ceiling lamp. The teal wall with the white accents provides a comfy setting. Stylish dining furniture having a soothing color scheme rings in a welcoming stance of wholesomeness.

Stylish Scarlet

The bright and glossy top floor kitchen is a flaming spectacle of modern meets classic design. The Audrey Hepburn portrait sits pretty on the grey white wall that balances the fiery elements of the marvelous & well lighted kitchen space.

Partly visible, the living room with the plush black velvet sofa in the backdrop of the crimson wall doesn’t look bad either!

Hearty Touch of Optimism

This modular kitchen is replete with all the contemporary fixtures and appears very elegant in its simplicity. The band of patterned & orange tiles demarcating the white tiled portion from the light orange wall above, and the narrow orange band separating the white and grey tiled portions are a smart & thoughtful element to add a chic touch of brightness to the sober setting. Truly rejuvenating!

Bold and Bright

The bathroom shown in this photo is a great example where bright colors do not translate into lurid accents. Well balanced by the whitish marble washbasin counter and dark wooden cabinets underneath, the orange of the walls looks eye-catching and fashionable.

Isn’t it amazing how colors invigorate our living spaces and transform them completely?

What are the colors that perk up your living spaces? Share with us in comments!

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