Let Your Star Sign Guide You To Your Next Home

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Do you wander what is next in store for you? We have created a fantastic guide that helps determine what type of home your next dwelling should be, based on the zodiac house signs. So depending which zodiac sign you belong to, traits and characteristics of yourself can mirror that of a home. Do you wanna find out where you will most likely fit best? Read on…


House of Aquarius and Uranus—this house shows independence, quietude and it is near the water. We couldn't have described an Aquarius characteristics better. Loyal and intelligent, this house personifies the need and accommodation needs for any. Solitude, and independence is achieved by having this wonderful house sit between the green and the ocean. There is no need to work anywhere else. We foresee a home office and plenty of good internet connection that would make any Aquarius happy. 


House of Leo and the Sun—what is not to like about this green house. Fit for anyone who likes glamour in small doses, this house combines the forward thinking of a Leo with minimalist charm and a green commitment. Although they are not exclusive and solitary as the Aquarius house, Leos' like to socialize, here you will find that balance between social and quietude. Nothing that cannot be done in this art-nouveau art, eco-friendly house. 


House of Sagittarius and Jupiter—focused, balanced and efficient. That is what is in hold for the Sagittarius House. Simplicity and pragmatism also, if you see this wonderful Scandinavian house style that is made up of sustainable materials with one purpose, style and competence. 


House of Pisces and Neptune—this is the year to explore, the world is calling you. What a wonderful example of a fabulous house by the sea, blending itself with its surroundings. The world is waiting for you to enjoy it, but it is also a moment for you to step back and scrutinize your next steps, and what better way to do so if not in this magnificent Dutch style thatched roof house and let us not forget the setting?

For a thatched roof such as this, you can always consult our professionals


House of Cancer and the Moon—known as the most extroverted sign of the Zodiac, for this year the sign is telling you to be modest. In this example we see a simplistic but well equipped suburban house, well maintained, this is the time to hold back, regroup and attack fresh for next year adventures. 

For another suburban home check this ideabook: A Modern Suburban Home


House of Gemini and Mercury—2016 is the year for Gemini settle down but that doesn't mean that you can't have all the latest of modern technology, design and all the amenities. So if you feel that this is you, why not do it in a classical but modern way? Classic and modern never goes out of style. 


House of Scorpio and Pluto—this year the Zodiac sign is attaching Scorpio to two words,  stability and serenity. We couldn't imagine a better house to represent this, an industrial one. Few neighbors surrounding it, clear skies, it couldn't be more serene if we wanted it to. 


House of Virgo and Mercury or Chiron—this year is all about success, back to school and personal growth. What project are you on now? Maybe building a new house? The stars align and this is your productive new year, investing in yourself is the way to go. So why not try the countryside, something rustic with history and simple for your working needs. 


House of Capricorn and Saturn—modern and independent, this year is looking like it is sabbatical-like year all the way. You like your sophistication which doesn't have to be lost when relaxing. Here you are among nature but in the quiet of the woods, the house design is a blend of industrial meets green with sustainable materials


House of Libra and Venus—opposite to the other Zodiac signs and its respective houses, Libra is about jumping into all projects, now! Your time is now. The house reflect that with its ability to connect with natural light,  a Swiss home with modern design and practicality. 


House of Aries and Mars—routine and identity are the words associated with this Zodiac sign and its position. We look at the example provided, unique features, not another alike, but reserved in its own identity. Check out that entrance, how inviting is that garden?


House of Taurus and Venus—what we all want to hear this year is that it is the year of love, for Taurus that is. This is about exploring your best self and find that special someone. What a better design location than this exotic house which highlights all that is nature, water, mountain and greens, talk about a match made in heaven. 


Ophiuchus is the 13th zodiac sign—Forget Pluto, NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) has discovered a new astrological sign, the Ophiuchus, the dates for this ''new'' discovered sign is from November 29th to December 17th. It turns out that over 3 thousand years ago the the Babylonians decided to leave Ophiuchus out since they only needed 12 signs to represent the 12 months. This is the sign that represents care, originality, so why not represent this sign with this magnificent house? 

Do you think we managed to match your star sign to the house of your dreams? Let us know in the comment section!

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