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It is difficult to imagine a comfortable family home in the winter without a fireplace. Indeed, it is a feature which not only has enormous practical value for a home, but can also better the social life of a family, both internally and for entertaining guests. 

We know that if you do not have a home which already has a fireplace installed, it can be quite costly to add a brand new one yourself. Fortunately, there is a range of more cost-effective options available on the contemporary market. It will often times also be of benefit to invest in a high-quality option that will last for years. Whatever the case, it will do you very well to do your research before deciding on an option, and we thus bring you this list of extraordinary fireplaces that is sure to give you some ideas. 

Join us now to be inspired and to see what options are available to you. 

1. Rustic and warm

We start out with a classic design, with the fireplace built right into the wall. This streamlined option works very well with the rustic character of the room. 

2. Old country

A country-inspired fireplace never goes out of style.

3. Modern edge

Fireplace designs such as this have become all the more popular. The glass model located on a corner gives a great modern look and it is an edgy design. 

4. Homey decoration

This option is well-suited to a warm and cozy home created by neutral colors, natural elements, and elegant decorations. 

5. Corner classic

A fireplace situated in the corner of the room is both practical and aesthetically appealing. 

6. Rounded corner

In contrast to the above example, you can also build out a corner to make this lovely rounded fireplace. 

7. Compartmental

It is essential to incorporate the fireplace into the style of your room, so it feels like a proper part of the ensemble. Here it has been done by establishing the fireplace as just another compartment in the larger area. 

8. Luxury

This regal option is for those who have royal aspirations.

9. Hanging alternative

For something different, why not try something like this hanging fireplace? Just make sure you have enough free space around it so everyone can move about without the danger of coming in contact with the it. 

10. Traditional and modern combined

If you like having the best of both worlds, you can incorporate a traditional wood-burning stove with a more modern fireplace setting. 

11. Bohemian inspiration

If you have a gypsy spirit, then a bohemian style fireplace with colorful hydraulically pressed tiles will surely appeal to your tastes.

12. Free-standing

Fireplaces are not reserved for the indoors, and you might want to look at something like this free-standing option for your garden. It will ensure many a romantic moment outdoors. 

13. Ultra-modern

If you're always at the of new trends and design, this ultra-modern option will definitely appeal to you. 

14. Minimalist winner

Minimalist style reigns supreme in modern homes, and it stands to reason that a fireplace should suit the home's style. 

15. Abstract addition

Why not go against the tide and try a quirky and abstract design?

16. Supreme style

The last fireplace on our list is an example of supreme elegance and luxury, with an ultra-modern design and high-quality materials. 

Now that you have plenty of inspiration for what fireplace options are out there, you may even consider building your own!

Which of these fireplaces would suite your home the best? Tell us in the comment section!

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