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Let Your Star Sign Guide You To Your Next Home

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You've likely heard that NASA threw a curveball at the stars with its recent revelation that there maybe 13, not 12 zodiac signs. Ophiuchus, the Serpent-bearer in Greek , continues to puzzle people. For those born between Nov. 29 to Dec. 17, Ophiuchus, the 13th constellation is your new is astrological sign. You can blame the Babylonians for the debacle. Around 3,000 years ago, they decided to Ophiuchus out of the calendar since they only needed for 12 signs to cover the 12 months of the year. So take a little tour of our solar system with homify and go house hunting while we 're at it. Perhaps you'll find a home that fits your star sign like a glove.

Aquarius: A House Full of Light

An Aquarius needs a home that would please him or her every day. Friends and family are important for them, so an open-plan home on a lake, beach or in the mountains, with enough room to gather for big feasts, is the right fit.

Leo: An Artful Abode

Lions don't like being second best. They are the kings of the jungles and their homes must reflect their personality.  An Art Nouveau style home with its tell-tale curvy lines might be the perfect fit for these fierce folk. But if you're a Leo and looking for something less ostentatious, this eco-friendly German-Polish project with its quaint cottage-look and a stylish modern decor is for you. 

Sagittarius: privacy and modesty

Scandinavian style is perfect for a Sagittarius. At first, this house is appears private and modest, but if you venture inside you'll be greeted by panoramic windows and a gorgeous terrace to relax on.

Pisces: The Forever House

Pisces tend to be adventurous buyers, with a penchant for last minute purchases. A manor away from civilization for a modest price might capture your attention, more than an apartment in the city centre. In addition, Pisces sincerely believe that tradition is better than innovation, so a Dutch style thatched roof house might be right for them.  

Cancer: Colonial American style

Cancers like a traditional way of life and try to meet certain standards. So, we think this pretty home in the suburbs which has enough room for a large family and picket fence might catch their eye. 

Gemini: minimalism and gloss

Twins want only one thing—happiness and a home that can provide it. They like modern styles, luxurious accents and a bit of glamour. This Argentinian house with its pool and sweeping view is one that's sure to pique their interest. 

Scorpio: modernity and fashion

Scorpios are ready to experiment—so an ultra-modern home, that stands out on the block might fit. Whether modern or minimalist, industrial or rustic, a Scorpio wants his nest to be unique. 

Virgo: An Aristocratic Estate

Virgin love architecture that means something. A certain style with its own history, whether it's an English estate, a French chateau or a Spanish-style colonial house will entice them. Their home should have a purpose, and attention should be paid to the smallest details.

Capricorn: Complete

Capricorns desire stability and massive architecture that expresses strength. The men might favour large-scale monolithic projects that boast modernity. While women might prefer something stylish but effortlessly easy, a home with a few frills such as a dressing room, plenty of storage and an attic. 

Libra: a stylish Art Nouveau

Libra loves harmony—comfort and price with modern finishes that make complement their way of life. The people born under the sign Libra are kind, gentle and lovers of beauty, harmony and peace. So this Swiss house with its wall of windows that let's the sun shine in might be a perfect fit. 

Aries: A Story Book House

Aries are enterprising, incisive, spontaneous, daring, active, courageous and energetic.  They are the proverbial infants of the zodiac, guileless and optimistic to the fault. So this whimsical home will whet their appetite. It's beautiful garden, brick facade and peaked roof draw attention but it has plenty of room for a large family and lots of fun. 

Taurus: Your Own Oasis

The Taurus personality is one of the most easily recognizable of the zodiac. Positive Taurus traits include reliability, practicality, ambition, sensuality, and independence. However, they also have some negative traits and can be very lazy, stubborn, materialistic and possessive at times. A Taurus know what they want—the best possible! So we think this private oasis with a swimming pool might be the stuff of their dreams.

Ophiuchus: A One Of A Kind House

An Ophiuchus (the 13th zodiac sign) do not stand for blind obedience to authority.  Their traits include a willingness to sacrifice, Ophiuchus' will fight to the end for a just cause. They are rebellious like this home but also secretive, seekers of knowledge and holders of hidden wisdom.

If you enjoyed this ideabook, why not go full tilt and design your bedroom according to your star sign.

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