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Tips for the creation of a home studio

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If you have a creative streak, you might be keen to set yourself up with a dedicated space for expressing it and we know exactly how to go about doing just that! Whether you need to call in the builders to build you a bespoke annex or you plan to turn a spare bedroom into an art studio, read on, as we have plenty of advice for you, before you begin! Never forget though, that art is subjective and so is decor, so while these tips should be used to help you plan, they are no prescriptive as to style!

Think about what you need to accommodate.

Virginia Water Apartment - Surrey Bhavin Taylor Design Modern Study Room and Home Office
Bhavin Taylor Design

Virginia Water Apartment—Surrey

Bhavin Taylor Design

Whether you are an artist for pleasure or professionally, you will need a space that perfectly fits you and your passion. Before starting to think about wall colors and all the other exciting facets of decorating, really consider what you need space for. Write a list of all the big items that you will have to house and this will give you a great starting point! Who knows, you might only need to convert a spare bedroom!

Consider the possibility of converting an outbuilding.

London TV Studio Garden2Office Modern Garden

London TV Studio


If you have a shed or garden room at the bottom of your garden, that could hold the potential for becoming a stunning art studio! Is it warm, dry and sturdy? Could it be adapted to have more light flowing in? Would it offer you quiet time in order to concentrate? If you answered yes to two or more of these questions, we think you might be able to simple upgrade your building!

Could your budget stretch to a new build?

You've thought about your art and decided that a spare room in the house is far too small and that a garden outbuilding simply won't do either, so if you have the budget available, how about commissioning your very own, bespoke art studio? If you have large grounds at your home this will be a simple task and at least that way, you will be able to build EXACTLY what you want and need, with no compromises!

Never, ever scrimp on the work surfaces.

If there's one thing, other than lighting, that you need to be seriously vigilant about, it's how much work surface you have. Imagine the horror of deciding to tackle a large project, only to have to give it up because you didn't plan ahead and install enough tables or bench tops. We actually think that extendable items are a brilliant choice, as that way, you can enjoy the extra space when you want it, by folding everything away and not be constrained to smaller projects when you do need it!

Personalize your creative space.

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Here comes the fun bit! With your studio all built or repurposed, you can begin to decorate! as an artist, you will no doubt have a plethora of ideas, so really let them run wild! This is YOUR space, to create the things that you love most, so fill your room with personal touches, inspiration and even mood boards. You'll be shocked at how much more productive you'll be in a space that's been designed just for you!

Fore more quirky home editions, take a look at this Ideabook: A Cosy and Quirky House in Japan.

Follow your passion

If you are handy with tools, and always making or mending things, then your basement can become your workshop too. Just install some practical floating shelves and wire racks on the wall along with some pegboards to organize your essentials with ease.

For health’s sake

WaterRower Walnut Home Gym and Fitness Equipment GymRatZ Gym Equipment Gym
GymRatZ Gym Equipment

WaterRower Walnut Home Gym and Fitness Equipment

GymRatZ Gym Equipment

Does being fit and energetic mean the world to you? Create a home gym in your basement by bringing in the equipment you need. Paint the walls and revamp the floor in a manner which charges you up. To feel extra fresh after working out, deck the space with some indoor greens.

Would a home studio really help your creativity? 
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