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Our homes are our castles. We ought to feel like kings and queens inside them. Yet the basic fact remains that most of us don't have quite have the riches and gold of esteemed royalty (or the sizeable bank balances to create instant wonders in our domestic interiors). So… what to do? Court a noble suitor? By all means, give it a shot. But for those unable to marry into a royal bloodline at present, fret not: there are ways around the financial barrier to domestic harmony and bliss. 

Beautiful interiors need not be contingent on royal riches: do it on a budget, and make your home just as gorgeous. Today on homify, we've got you covered with six fantastic and highly accessible non-budget-busting options for how to turn your home into the royal palace that it deserves to be. 

Perfect planning

As a wise man once said: execution is but 5%; 95% is in the mind. What does this mean in the context of home interiors? Plan, plan and plan some more! Yes, revamping and remodelling your home is an exciting prospect, but before you barrel out to the fabric and home interior emporiums, it's best to visualise how you would want to arrange and plan your home. Size up everything and think about the best way to make the most of what you've got, what you'll need to enhance it, and where to go to get it. Remember, good planning invariably equals less financial burden, and far less stress in the long run. Let there be no surprises! (or as few as possible). If you are truly at a loss, consider chatting to a professional for some inspirational ideas. 

Re-use old textiles and fabrics

We all love the new: the freshness, the untainted perfection of store-bought goods. Well, new things don't stay new for long. When it comes to your interior accessories, especially when it comes to communal spaces like the living and lounge rooms, as well as the bedrooms, consider opting for yesterday's new: vintage and pre-loved fabrics and textiles that have just as much spark, soul and personality in them (if not even more) than any wrapped up, right off the production line item. 

The best part about this is that you've probably got everything you need right there with you. What's that box lying about in the attic or basement? Or those piles of interior miscellany hogging space in the hallway closet? Rummage about the home, if not the vintage stores, for a piece of fabric yesteryear, and decorate with delight.

Restore old furniture

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Vintage Cinema Seats

Vintage Archive

You may not of have this type of furniture simply lying about the house, but if you do, it's a fantastic way to make your old furniture pieces new. Another option is to search amongst vintage stores and weekend markets to find the treasure from the trash, you'll be sure to dig up some fantastic pre-loved furniture relics.

You'll be amazed at what sort of things are out there waiting for a new incarnation, like these swell turn of the century cinema seats: restored artfully with a little elbow grease, some sanding and light varnish, and now, a fantastic addition to your home that'll be the talking point of your friends and family. Think unique, think simplicity, think character, and create the new from the old.

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects

Doing things yourself: when it comes to furnishing your castle, why not fuse it with your very own signature creations? While there's a perception that it probably is, DIY (Do-It.Yourself) need not be an arduous acronym. Far from it, in fact. Here's a fine example. 

This spectacular cabinet might look like it's from decades past, and picked up for a premium at a vintage auction, but it's actually the handiwork of a home-owner just like you. Created from wooden pellets, fused and moulded, with drawers and iron fittings added, here's a fantastic exemplar of what's possible. Sure, this was possibly a somewhat larger undertaking in the grand scheme of things, but you could always take this inspiration and create some more manageable items, such as stools and coffee tables from crates, for example. Ultimately, DIY is not only doable, it's friendly on the finances, and adds an extra layer of pride when the finished product finds its rightful place in your fantastic home.

Multi-use furniture pieces

But of course, the DIY vibe might not jive for a lot of us, and that's just fine. A neat, less time consuming alternative? The artful repurpose! What's lying around your home that you thought was useless, but is actually an item waiting for a new role? Perhaps it's on the streetside, or at the market? 

Take this great crate for example: an old wine box, liberated from its former life and transformed effortlessly into a neat bookcase (or vinyl LP holder). Yes, it's the simple things that make for the best repurposing. Chandeliers are another great repurposing channel: pick up old crushed bottled caps, unique and colourful pieces of tin, or even old glasses. Hunt down your local vintage store or op shop and turn your dial to 'repurpose' mode.

Keep it clean and simple

If there were ever a second tenet to go with the first mantra mentioned in this article (it's all in the planning), it would have to be: keep it simple. You don't have to be a Zen Buddhist to get on board: minimalism and simplicity is as much a mainstream western interior device these days as it is a timeless eastern tradition. 

Don't go overboard: pick what you need, and keep the method basic; when it comes to colours and tones, pick natural hues, creams and white for that unmistakable element of elegance and class.

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