An old South African kitchen gets a beautiful new life (plans included!)

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Today we will look at the transformation of an impractical, drab old kitchen into a stylish and sophisticated new space. Not only did this kitchen get an aesthetic facelift, but it the entire spatial arrangement had been changed to divide the new area into a room with four distinct spaces with its own individual functions. 

This is also a project which clearly illustrates the amazing professionals we have right here in our own South Africa and the impressive renovations they can bring about. We will thus explore this renovation process in detail, looking at what the kitchen had looked like before the intervention, what changes had taken place, and lastly inspect the plans for the project to see what ideas we can copy! Join us if you need some inspiration for your own kitchen renovation.

Before: Impractical and dull

This is the kitchen in question, and specifically what it looked liked before the intervention. We have no doubt that you'll agree that this space was in dire need of an update. The cabinetry and cupboards were worn and impractical, not to mention the outdated countertops in a dull vinyl which had already seen the best of its days. 

Above and beyond the outdated materials used in the kitchen, the entire arrangement of the space was wholly impractical, with little space to work in and narrow access for movement. It was evident that this kitchen needed more than a simple change of materials and the addition of a few decorative items. Fortunately, Boss Kitchens, cabinets and cabinetry specialists got involved to plan a whole new space. Let's see what they've achieved…

After: Style and sophistication

Now, do you recognise the space we see here? It's hard to believe that old, drab kitchen can look as sleek and sophisticated as the one we have before us now. It just goes to show what proper planning and the right materials can do! We'll get into the planning part shortly, but now it is worth our while to take a closer look at the materials used. 

Firstly, we can see that a white subway tile has been used on the walls, giving the room a metropolitan look that is all the rage right now. It is also a clean background for a kitchen space, which is always a good idea. We can see that the new kitchen cabinets were made to suit this white backdrop, and the glossy finish adds to its elegance. 

The new kitchen countertops are also in a shiny black granite, which is levels above its old vinyl predecessor, and adds a touch of clean luxury to the area. 

Plans: Left side

As promised, we now get to the plans of the kitchen transformation. This bird's-eye view of the kitchen plans allows us to see the left-hand side of the kitchen as it was planned. The detailed rendering offered a good idea of what the professionals wanted to achieve with the project, and if we compare it to the actual outcome, as seen in the previous picture, we can see that they well achieved it. 

The new design was created in order to achieve a modern finish, with particular attention being paid to the newly chosen appliance specifications. 

Plans: Right side

When Boss Kitchens laid out this new design, they looked to ensure economic use of space and to allow for ergonomic flow throughout the kitchen area. These aspects had a predominant role in all of the design considerations. 

With the new design, the professionals divided the kitchen into four distinct spaces, namely the pantry, a preparation area, a processing/cooking area, and a scullery. This is much more practical than the awkward space we were introduced to!

Now this is a transformation that made an impact, creating a beautiful new kitchen space ready to be filled with the: best kitchen accessories

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