An Easy and Economical Kitchen Revamp

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The most important room in the house (the kitchen) sees the most amount of wear and tear from heavy use and needs upgrading more often than you may think. Over time, surfaces become scratched or the laminate on the countertop may start to peel off, appliances wear out and need replacing, floors have to withstand frequent washing and will wear down quickly. Or the kitchen may simply need restructuring and better organizing for better use. The decor also becomes outdated quite quickly and needs a spruce up every few years.  

And as the design team at BERVIC INTERIORISMO showed us with this renovation project, a bit of work can make a kitchen feel brand new. By replacing countertops, laying down new floorboards and redesigning how the space is used, this standard kitchen has been turned into something unique and beautiful, with an innovative seating area too. 

Before: Drab And Dreary

While it wasn't the worst kitchen it could be, this room was nevertheless underwhelming and lacking character. The cupboards are drab and sit too low, making cooking and washing up difficult. The granite countertop looks old and tarnished. The kitchen sink, outdated and small. The lampshade: old fashioned; the rubbish area: untidy. The color scheme is uninspiring and boring. Actually, anything done to this kitchen would be an improvement on what it looks like here!  

After: A New Arrangement

After a restructure of the entire space, it is hard to believe this is the same kitchen. The whole working area has been rearranged, cupboards removed and new ones installed, the walls are now painted in a cheerful yellow, and the tiles removed from the walls and wooden paneling runs around the workbench. There is a huge new ceramic washbasin and a cozy breakfast nook built in the corner. 

Now this kitchen is much more than a strange walk-through room with a bench on one side, it's a kitchen that is stylish, cozy and practical too. 

After: Warmed Up

The stove top has been shifted to fit snugly in the corner, clearing up more bench space to work on. Having it in the corner also means the range hood can be tucked away out of sight, rather than hovering in the middle of the room. The sterile white tiles and old-fashioned granite countertop are gone, and now we have a beautiful, modern wooden bench and backboard making the kitchen instantly warmer and more inviting. 

Before: Untidy And Unsightly

Open shelving in kitchens will always make the room look messy and cluttered, so it's best to avoid using these when you can. You don't necessarily need more cupboards when renovating your kitchen—just by organising items, stacking containers properly and tidying up, you can create much more space. Make sure you regularly go through your cupboards and throw unnecessary items away. If you haven't used it in the last three months, bin it! 

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After: Cosy Kitchen Corner

Instead of the unsightly mess that was stacked up in this corner before, the designers have built a cozy little breakfast nook. Keeping it looking simple and classic, they have installed a wooden box on the wall that doubles as a bench and shelf. With two high-backed stools and an adjustable, accordion wall lamp, this is now a pleasant spot to enjoy a meal or to read the morning newspaper in. 

After: Get Creative And Colourful

Now with the wooden floorboards, a wooden bench, and a wooden frieze running around the walls, this kitchen is modern and homely. Don't be afraid to try out completely new surfaces when you are remodelling—they can really change the space. And with the yellow feature wall and touches of washed out blue, this kitchen is no longer sterile and somber. The experts don't shy away from using colour in kitchens, and neither should you! 

We just love that breakfast corner. What's your favorite part of this cozy kitchen?

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