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The home that got reshaped, remodelled and refitted

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Who knew a house could be so completely rebuilt without actually tearing down the walls? Well this family home in England got such a makeover it is difficult to believe that it's not an entirely new structure. The home builders at Progressive Design London are specialists in constructing add on, side, front and rear extensions and converting existing buildings into something more modern and expansive. 

The shell and foundations of this thin, three story home are basically the only thing that are left the same. It has undergone a rear extension, had the loft converted and been through a total internal out-fit. It is now an elegant, minimal family home, fitted out with the latest features and details. Let's check it out! 

Beginning At The End

To really get a feel for the transition, let's start by looking at the back of the property—the rear extension. The design of the new add on stays in line with the existing building. It's modern, understated, tidy, finished smooth and painted white. Glass concertina doors open up the back wall straight out onto the paved backyard for maximum light and airflow. 


Looking From Inside Out

From this angle you can see how much extra room the extension has given the house. With that little bit more room added on, there's now a huge open plan kitchen and dining room. And despite it's low ceilings, the room feels spacious. The floor is made from polished concrete and all walls are painted white to avoid feeling closed in. 

Bright And White

The kitchen island is placed precisely to break up the huge space. By having it here, it separates the cooking space from the eating space while keeping with the proportions of the room. It's positioned next to the glass doors which allows for the most picturesque view at breakfast time.

The neon green light features on the island and behind the workbench add dimension to the otherwise all white kitchen. And the added skylight above the kitchen lets as much natural light in as possible.  

Updating The Old

Next—the living room. A part of the original structure of the house, the living room has been refitted to keep with the updated decor of the rest of the interior. Plush carpets in neutral tones and wide sofas in charcoal grey keep it cozy but sophisticated. Lighting is dim and warm orange. The wooden coffee table matches the larger version (the dining table) in the kitchen for cohesion and a rustic touch. 

Past And Present

This bathroom is one of two in the house, it has the space to include a new, indulgent bathtub. The floors match those of the kitchen/dining area and complement the pale gray walls. The frosted glass windows in this bathroom are the original ones, but the curved glass screen for the bathtub is new, creating a seamless blend of past and present styles. 

The black vanity and multi-gray mosaic stop this room from being too monochromatic and bland.

Secret Storage Space

This is one of our favourite features of the makeover. Ideas for storage under stairs are becoming more and more popular as families grow and space becomes more precious, and this is a smart, stylish solution. The angled pull-out shelves are custom built to fit snugly and cleanly underneath the main staircase. A great way to keep shoes out of sight and the hallway free from clutter.

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Getting Personal

The master bedroom takes all of the classic style features of the rooms downstairs and adds a special, personalised touch. That beautiful wave mural is not only peaceful and relaxing, but also makes this bedroom contemporary and trendy.  

Themed walls—painted or stencilled, are a great wall to turn your favourite piece of art into a statement, without overdoing it. Use light colours to not overwhelm the furniture, or think about wallpaper to liven up a bedroom. 

Clean Start

The upstairs bathroom is completely redone, now featuring an eye catching tile mosaic in the shower. The designers have cleverly used complementing greens, grays and blues to echo the wall mural in the bathroom. 

Especially helpful in interior makeovers, or when two styles need to blend together, colour is an important tool to use. By sticking to the same few tones throughout the house, you make sure the old and new parts of the house look natural and effortless with one another. 

Those neon green lights in the kitchen are incredible! Tell us your favorite feature below!
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