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A cozy pad in Central London that promises snug opulence in a simple manner is not very commonly encountered. And the home we are going to tour today is one such rare find. This Hyde Park Square home doesn’t hide any of its elegant accents that sing premium comfort in sober tones. The selection of colors & furnishings makes this exquisite work by the London based home builders Progressive Design a truly laudable creation that will not only meet but surpass your expectations. Take a look!

Magic of Dark & Light

Interplay of dark & light, the living room has dark floor, clear white walls & furnishings that blend both the tones in an appealing balance. The natural light pouring in through the transparent doors & windows, the smart use of different shades & the golden glow of the lighting make this room bright. Clearly defined lounge & dining spaces in this commodious room convey a thoughtfully refined taste of mixing different elements while keeping their identities intact in a fluid layout. The beige sofa with dark cushions, light brown carpet on dark matte floor & grey-black decor on pure white walls display how simple items can add oodles of grace just through the essence of hues.

Contemporary Plush Lounging

The lounge area has comfortable sofa seats, velvety cushions, soothing decor & a tranquil air to extend a welcoming stance. The disc shaped light exactly above the glass table radiates a cheery glow. Dark colors complement the lighter tones and bring out the hearty warmth that bathes this space with a subtle charm. The sideboard with open & closed racks for knick knacks & accessories hosts simplistic art pieces and photographs that add a mellow personal touch.

Exclusively Wholesome

The dining space setting appears to have a greater depth than the lounge owing to the partition created by the wall housing the white framed glass doors. The small set up is done immaculately in white and the smart design allows a quiet corner space to enjoy a private meal. The blinds cover the ground glass window panes that allow plenty of light to filter in. The dark maroon flowers contrast well with the white tonality and lend a classy look.

Pristine Satiation

The corridor-like narrow kitchen is well illuminated & adorned with the serene beauty of the color white. The modular kitchen space offers plenty of storage and boasts of contemporary kitchenware, a pop up table, closed cabinets with lighting underneath & a refreshing touch with Bonsai planters on the window that lets in ample natural light. Note the shiny white kitchen counter and the jazzy low ceiling with a golden glow of light above. Amazingly conceptualized, no?

A Picture of Clear & Cozy Magnificence

Sophisticated lighting, elegantly simple design and the magic of white uplift this corridor to one that epitomizes the splendor of simplicity.

In the Lap of Chic Relaxation

Modern style, contemporary furnishings and graceful decor adorn this bright & spacious bedroom that represents modish luxury. Sober flamboyance and tasteful restraint define the bedroom where metal, velvet & a dark palette ring in the pizzazz in snug accents. The gray wall on the headboard side of the bed brings in a sober touch complementing the zing, and gels well with the shiny blanket & pillows. Don’t miss the sparkling mirror forming the door panels of the almirah, and the lustrous metallic bedside cabinets. The warm ceiling light and the ovoid disc lamp that we saw in the living room have been maintained here as well.

Mirrored Elegance

The sliding door from the bedroom leads into a splendidly done, narrow but well equipped bathroom that glorifies the lovely visuals offered by designer white tiles, glossy metal & of course, the mirrors that reflect the simple yet contemporary design. Who said small can't be sassy?

Conveniently Classy

Lastly we come to this other bathroom that is bigger in size and even bigger on style. With a huge mirror spanning the wall from end to end, this bathroom houses a bathtub separated from the toilet & washbasin areas with a partial glass partition. With a washbasin offering storage solution underneath, & a box like flush tank, this restroom space is cheerfully bright & gracefully white.

Lush finesse wrapped in comfortable design is how I would like to describe this house project. Do you agree with me?

How did you find this lovely home? Share your invaluable opinion in comments!
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