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Creating a futuristic style for your bedroom

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Tired of the same old look in your interiors? Do you feel like you have tried every style available to you and that everything just ends up looking the same? Well, it may be time to look away from established styles and start imagining what trends of the future might look like. 

A futuristic design style can bring an absolutely novel look and fresh feeling to your home, and where better to implement this than in the bedroom?! The vaguely familiar, yet edgy and otherworldy-exotic shapes and features of futuristic interior design creates an exciting atmosphere that also serves to inspire your imagination. Having a bedroom in this style can definitely encourage the flow of creativity and energy in anyone who needs a spark of life.  

So, join us today as we set out to unravel the secrets of stunning bedrooms in futuristic design style. Let's go!

1. Sleek surfaces

When you are looking to incorporate a futuristic style into your bedroom (or any other room, for that matter), your first port of call will be sleek and shiny materials. When we look at futuristic films, all of the interior and exterior spaces seem to be replete with shiny and reflective materials and structures. So, when designing your own futuristic bedroom, start with choosing some high-gloss materials, such as the stone tiles we see in the picture. 

2. Minimalism at its core

The next thing to consider in a futuristic bedroom, is that the style is essentially minimal. In today's design climate, we can already see and overwhelmingly strong trend towards more and more minimal spaces. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the interior space of the future will feature this characteristic in overdrive. Keep things as simple and streamlined as possible. 

3. Popping colours

Although too many colors will be too eccentric for futuristic style and go in the face of the above stated minimalism principle, one bright color to feature in your bedroom will certainly suit the style well. Here, a fresh green is easily incorporated with the futuristic elements, and provides the perfect background against which to place a bright and abstract artwork to catch the eye. 

4. Geometric features

Our next tip involves a strong reliance on geometric features. This is not just in terms of the actual structure of spaces, but will also apply to furniture and decorative objects. The angles created undoubtedly remind us of futuristic scenes from movies and it is a look which has become inseparable from the style. 

5. Modular design

modern Bedroom by Preetham  Interior Designer
Preetham  Interior Designer

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Preetham Interior Designer

In addition to geometric features, adding modular elements to the room will do very well. Much as stated above, modular elements, with its angular and objective characteristics, will immediately transport your look into the far future. Here, a modular design had been used for the room's wardrobe and the bed itself. 

6. Multi-functional furniture

Futuristic designs will undoubtedly include objects and furniture which we have not even yet came up with. Although there is no way we can anticipate what these would be, we can sure use existing furniture creatively by using items with more than one or novel functions. 

7. Striking aesthetics

Lastly, we cannot write a guide on interior design without spending some time on aesthetics and what kind of art will be used in a specific space. When you're looking at creating a futuristic design, abstract is the way to go. You may have already anticipated this, but there is no other way about it. Go for artworks and prints that will create ambience rather than traditional options. 

What do you think? Would you use these tips for your bedroom? Let us know in the comment section!
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