19 easy ways to decorate the walls of your home (they will be fantastic!)

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Have you given thought to adding some creativity to the walls of your home? Whether it be through some fantastic wallpaper, brilliant color or textured stone and brick, there are so many possibilities to add character and style to your home. Try some brilliant and dramatic lighting to enhance a color palette or accentuate your decor with these great shelves. Boring old shelves are definitely a thing of the past.

1. For Some Drama.

By adding some coated slabs of stone to the walls at the entrance of your home, you instantly create a fascinating contrast that along with some dramatic lighting adds style and elegance to your home.

2. Plaster Shelving.

This modern decor is a great option for a minimalist space. The niches act as shelves that create space for ornaments and personal objects without overcrowding a room.

3. Various Sizes.

Different dimensions could be just the style idea that you’ve been thinking of, but wouldn’t dare to implement in your home. But, by utilizing the space available and creating a multi-purpose corner through stylish design, a home can be attractive and eye catching too.

4. Divide Spaces.

By using walls of low height as divisions, a room can be utilized for different purposes without cutting off space, this is a great idea, especially if the room is small or sunken as is the case in the image. By adding shelves such as these, you also create extra storage in your home, which is always necessary.

5. A Decorative Touch.

Shelves around the TV in your living room are a great way to store all tech items and accessories, but there isn’t always a way to get your wires and cords through to the TV without it looking unsightly. By adding shelves such as these, you create a decorative edge to your space, while also storing your items easily.

6. The Forgotten Corners.

Take advantage of those forgotten corners of your home by adding some fascinating and fantastic shelves, this will instantly upgrade your interior, especially when you add a floral arrangement or two.

7. Creative Storage.

By contacting a professional joiner, your boring wall can be easily converted into some stylish storage space, complete with elegant lighting and sophisticated appeal.

8. Unique and Unusual.

Living Room ZERO9 Living room

If you’ve inherited your home with shelves such as these, that doesn’t mean you should hide them or be shy, these shelves have a fantastic vintage flair that is chic and unique. What better way to showcase your personal style?

9. Something Rustic.

The original shelves built into rustic homes already have so much character and style, so go and make your home an expression of your personality.

10. For Natural Light.

By creating a recess in the wall like the example it has a decorative edge and also allows for a glimpse of the outside. It’s gorgeous isn’t it?

11. Enhanced With Lighting.

This shelf stands out from the rest. The brilliant lighting creates a soothing effect, especially as a storage space for books and other items.

12. Instead of a Headboard.

Have you considered creating a fantastic bedroom space that is elegant and filled with luxurious finishes? Well, this shelving choice and headboard might just complete your decor in an interesting and unique way. 

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13. Vibrant Space.

If you already have shelves in your walls, then adding a splash of color will instantly make them more vibrant and interesting. It is impossible to ignore an eye-catching yellow.

14. Some Nature Enhancement.

Creating an indoor garden such as this is a low maintenance and elegant way to add some nature into your home. This may just be the harmonious and tranquil feature that your home needs to enhance comfort and relaxation. Stones and small green plants could be the Zen answer!

15. An Elegant Space.

By adding shelves into your home, you can instantly adapt and upgrade any room to be more vibrant and attractive. This image showcases a great way to display valuable objects and items in an entrance hall of a home.

16. Bathroom Shelves.

This solves a storage problem in small bathrooms, use these built-in shelves to store and accommodate bath products and accessories without cluttering your shower floor.

17. For the Artist.

The walls of your home are more than just structural, by adding some artistic shelving you create a sophisticated and designer space that only art lovers can understand, appreciate and enjoy… so go on and let you imagination run wild.

18. Strategic.

Shelves are also a strategic means to solve decorative issues in smaller homes, by hiding cabinets behind shelves you solve two storage problems.

19. Organized.

Considering shelves to organize a home is a great choice, especially if it means your lobby or living room will look uncluttered and tidy again. It’s trendy and attractive regardless of the size of your home.

We thought these ideas were really useful and adaptable. What did you think? Let us know in the comment section. 

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