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If you want to take some inspirational and practical ideas for ease of use in your kitchen decor then this guide is a rational solution to your problem and serves as the right spot for learning. The guide introduces you some practical ideas that earn more spacious fields, add functionality and are also easier to coordinate with the system usage. Let us go through this list of ideas and solutions that will become a boon for your kitchen storage.

Original article by Suzanne RH for homify India.

1.Additional Portable Stalls

NEW! 2015 Kitchen: PORTLAND + ARCOS Schmidt Palmers Green Kitchen
Schmidt Palmers Green

NEW! 2015 Kitchen: PORTLAND + ARCOS

Schmidt Palmers Green

Switchable and expandable kitchen countertops come out to be a very useful item in terms of gaining space in the kitchen counter. They can be user to prepare food, beverages, cutting veggies or other items while cooking and can be turned off whenever not needed. 

2.Corner Drawers

Harbourside kitchen, Tim Jasper Tim Jasper Kitchen
Tim Jasper

Harbourside kitchen

Tim Jasper

In a small and narrow kitchen, functionality ratio might appear low in the nook and corner areas. However, if rationally designed from a functional perspective, it can become a practical and lovely space as a small corner drawer for the utensils. To be used according to the needs of any and all kitchenware, cutlery drawers corner can create practical solutions.

3.Practical Hangers: For Knives, Spatulas and Whiffs

Without taking up space in your drawer or closets, hangers, if used in a practical manner, are quite useful and ordinary at the same time. Without a need of mixing up the entire drawer of cupboard during cooking, you can easily get extra and well-organized space to take the hanger for placing knives, spatulas, whiffs, and bigger spoon.

4.Optimal Use of Space with Smart Drawers

Take advantage of smart drawer to assess the remaining free space under the kitchen sink. You can use this space efficiently to the ideal arrangement of shelves and drawers for cleaning products.

5.Drawers and Shelves of Different Size

This drawer model that offers you storage facility for kitchen products as per the size and need and still very much attractive for installation. Place your jars, spices, legumes, soup, noodles, canned spices and others products together that have similar characteristics.

6.Retractable Wings

Sliding or opened tables provide practical ease of use, especially in a small kitchen. They don't take up any space whenever not needed and can be easily closed by pushing the sliding table top or you can gain additional space by removing the wing panel.

7.Under the Counter Trolley

A portable trolley that allows you to store materials within and can be stored under the kitchen counter is also a great idea for many of us.

8.Extend the Service Counter

Kitchen Islands are diagnosed for quite practical uses and extended counter services save space and material in both the frame. The kitchen planners at homify have different styles designed for regular kitchens.

9.Space Saving Table Top

To get a rational design, space is important for smaller kitchens. Having a space saving table top that is apt to store the cutlery and other crockery to be used while dining will do its bit.

10.Rational Functional Shelves

Do not forget to save space on the ground floor and wall decor for your kitchen. Fill in the gaps with functional shelf design. Decorative shelf with a highly functional solution for small kitchens, as well as the presentation, moves to ease of property.

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There are some really fantastic solutions for kitchens here, which one of these would you adapt on to yours?

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