Bathroom decor: 15 small bathrooms to see before renovating yours!

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There is a place in the home where great transformations happen. This is a room that is used to perform ordinary tasks, such as showering, but it allows you to transform yourself from the sleepy person into the best version of yourself. This is why a bathroom is so important!

But sometimes we believe that we don't have enough space to really fall in love with our bathroom. The first step in really falling in love with your bathroom is to transform it into something special. To help you, we are going to show you 15 amazing small bathroom designs that will inspire you!

Bathroom decor: 15 small bathrooms to see before renovating yours!

1. Don't forget the wood

Wood is another excellent material for the bathroom. It helps you to create a cozy design with texture and warmth. And it has the quality of being warm and fresh at the same time.

2. Decorative mosaics

For your bathroom to have personality and perfection, don't forget to add a little bit of texture and colour to the walls. This way you include decor to the space that takes up no space, yet creates a beautiful environment.

3. The natural touch

Add a natural or rustic touch to the bathroom by including a stone wall in the bathroom. This will keep it cool and create a room that is perfect for starting the day.

4. Elegance in black

Although traditionally small bathrooms are designed in light colors, dark colors help to blur the boundaries of space. Add dark colors and you'll add elegance to the room.

Have a look at this ideabook: Dark colours in small rooms? Give it a try!

5. Bright designs

The marble has the ability to transform something simple into something spectacular and sophisticated. Don't hesitate to include marble in your bedroom. It will complement the decor items in this space too!

6. A design from out of this world

This bathroom lighting is designed to make the room look dynamic and full of energy. This will make the room of envy of all! All you need are bright walls with bold lighting in strategic spaces.

7. Eclectic style

When you don't have much space to work with, a little mixing and matching can be a very good choice. Combine materials, colours, textures and styles to achieve this eclectic look and feel in this single space.

8. Defining spaces

To define spaces when there aren't too many square meters, textures and colors are always good friends. You can create lines on the walls or floors, which will subtly divide the room without you having to limit the space by building walls. This can save you so much space!

9. The magic of mirrors

Place a mirror on the wall in your bathroom to help visually double the space. It will reflect the elegance as well as the decor back on itself.

10. A little color

Sometimes all we need is to introduce some colour into our bathroom spaces to fill them with energy and attitude .

11. Rustic and modern

This design is perfect, where the professionals have hit the nail on the head! It combines all of the natural materials with a rustic charm that is both modern and enchanting.

12. Choose to make this a special space

The avoid having to decorate the entire room, choose a focal point in the space. Choose phenomenal and modern bathroom features such as a sink, toilet or shower, which will need very little around them to enhance them.

13. Concrete walls

This design is proof that elegance exists and can be achieved with any material. Use concrete for a very original design!

14. Add storage space

Cabinets that hide behind mirrors are an excellent idea as it adds physical storage space, without visually creating it.

15. Something unique

To make a small space special something, a few extra showers are the solution.

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We feel really inspired, how about you? Let us know in the comments. 

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