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Creating a space that is fit for purpose, attractive and conducive to a great day's work is not as hard as you may think. Home office design can be just as adaptive and flexible as any other room in the house and because it is driven by functionality, it really needs to be!

From choosing the right desk and chair to including motivational wall accessories, we know what you are most likely thinking about when deciding on how to decorate your study, so take a look at our ideas and see if you could revamp your work space and create the home office you've always dreamed of!

Decide on a desk

You cannot have a home office without a desk, that is an indisputable fact, but what you can have is a desk that is not only functional and practical, but also as style driven as any other item in your home. Why spend days deliberating over your sofa choice if you are not going to afford the same attention to your choice of work station, which you will no doubt spend more time at? 

This gorgeous desk, from James Tattersall, is a prime example of the perfect union of aesthetics and usability that is possible, if you take the time to really look at all the options. Stunning, delicate and offering fantastic, yet subtle, storage, this deceptively simple design would look marvellous in any home office. In fact, we want it in ours!

Pull up a chair

With your perfect desk selected and installed, you now have to turn your attention to the type of chair that you need. Naturally, appearance will play a role, we understand that, but if you are likely to spend a lot of time in your home office, can we suggest that you also give proper consideration to comfort and efficient ergonomic support? 

A standard 9-5 work day will see you sat for at least six hours, so be sure that you have a chair that is fully supporting your back in order to prevent injury. That doesn't mean that you have to exclusively choose function over fashion through and this delightfully curved and plush velvet office chair proves that not only is prevention better than cure, it can be lovely to look at too!

Select some storage

With your desk and chair set up working like a dream, next comes an important aspect of any home office—storage. With your productivity through the roof thanks to a spacious desktop and ultra comfortable perch, you will no doubt have a significant increase in paperwork needing to be stored or filed away, as well as folders and books.

Rather than going too 'safe' with your choice of bookcase, why not use it as an opportunity to really express your style ethos? This shell creation is amazingly unique, though perhaps not as practical as you may like, but it does offer inspiration as to what is out there and possible, so we love it. Remember that if you can imagine it, there is most likely someone out there that can make it!

Take a break

Never underestimate the importance of including a breakout area in your home office. It may sound like a luxury addition or even a poor use of space, especially if you are utilising a small spare room as your study, but believe us when we say that a sofa is an important addition to any office. 

For moments when you need to take a screen break, read important documents or even discuss something with a visiting client or business partner, a small sofa allows you to do so, without upsetting your work day. By avoiding a transition through to the rest of your home, your minds remains firmly geared towards productivity, while getting the break that it needs to recharge. What a perfect compromise!

Throw some light on it

Home office lighting can be a trickier thing to master than you may think. Do you want to have a normal ceiling light on all the time, or are you more keen on a focused desk lamp? Either way, you need to consider the times of day that you will be working the most and tailor your choices to them. 

A small lamp, such as the one seen here, can offer subdued, non-invasive lighting that is gentle on tired eyes, but for first thing in the morning deadlines, a larger installation might be better. We have to confess that we like the tradition of a desk lamp, especially those that are easy to angle and available in lots of colours as they are an affordable way to bring a little extra style and fun into an otherwise very serious room!

Motivate yourself

Motivation, in whatever form it comes, is such a fantastic resource for productivity that no home office should be without something that alludes to a positive mindset and a 'go get them' attitude. Whether you choose a noticeboard filled with upbeat mantras or a neon wall sign, such as the one seen here, every time you look at it, you will feel buoyed and ready for more effort! 

Offices are not simply a room where you need to shut yourself away and get your head down, they can be a bright, airy and much loved part of your home that is filled with personality and practicality in equal measures, so we hope you have found some motivation to give your study space a little more thought.

For more home office inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: The Art Of The Modern Home Study.

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