7 bedrooms that will make you feel at peace

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Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It should make you feel at ease after a long and stressful day at work. You should be able to relax, unwind and put your mind at rest when you are in this room. For those who need and crave that environment, a zen style bedroom is best.

A few ways to create zen include, clearing items from cluttered desktops and messy dressers, trying to create a noiseless environment perhaps with a lot of books to muffle sounds, removing electronic devices such as TVs and cell phones from the room, and keeping the room at cooler temperatures, even during the winter time. These ideas help to ease your mind and create that sanctuary.

Zen rooms are characterized by minimal decoration,  neutral tones and natural materials, such as wood and stone. Incorporating these ideas for a bedroom is very simple. Below are seven bedrooms to inspire you to create a peaceful and calm sleeping space, ready to rid yourself of negative energy and relax into a good night's sleep. 

1. A monochrome color palette

Following the idea of the neutral color palette, light brown and beige are the ultimate zen colors because they reflect the Earth and nature. These colors will ground you and help you to release all of the negative energy due to the calming tones. This room takes the color to the next level, creating an environment that is entirely based on a brown color palette. From the walls to the bedspread to the floors, each of these features are a different shade of brown, which adds dimension without deterring from the original idea and color. The only items that has deterred from the brown palette are the two light colored pendants in each corner, providing light for the room. 

2. Natural wood to anchor the room

Wood is a very important part of the zen style. It adds a natural element to the room and makes the room feel peaceful. This room is a great example of mixing natural elements with more traditional drywall. The floor and two walls are covered in the same soft, natural wood leaving one wall to be completely white and another wall made up entirely by glass doors, harmonizing the room and not having the wood overpower the space. The wall of glass allows plenty of natural light to come through adding to the zen flow of the room. The rest of the features in this room are white which makes the room feel light and airy and really highlights the wood.

3. Add a splash of color

Not all zen rooms have to be completely neutral. If you are a more colorful person, then adding one bright color to the room will create your own zen. This room is a great example of mixing a neutral color palette with a bright color, in this case yellow. In the zen culture, yellow is the color of stability and in this example, the bright color doesn't interrupt the flow. The rest of the room matches the neutral color palette people usually associate with zen culture, such as the muted green walls and wooden accents. Small white birds and side tables add a softer feature to the bedroom while the Edison bulbs and wooden lamps in the corner add a warm glow.

4. Mixing natural elements

One thing many people think about in zen culture is using wood and stone. These materials add a natural element to the room, integrating the outside with the interior. Zen is the idea of getting back to basics and being one with the world, so naturally these elements play a big part in zen design. This room incorporates wooden ceiling beams with stone walls to create a very natural environment. The white dividing wall, which so graciously incorporates the wooden beam, breaks up the bathroom, which is designed in marble. The floating bed and shelves are made up of wood, matching the two steps and door. Bright sunshine makes its way through and enlightens this beautiful minimalist bedroom.

5. A seamless room

Seamless and minimal are two words that characterize the zen style. In this case, less is more. This room, for example, has a platform bed, making the frame virtually invisible and only showcasing the bed linens and white pillows. The dark wooden wall not only adds a natural element but includes a small built-in shelf to house a few items, such as books while the rest of the room is completely bare, no side tables, desks or chairs, following the minimal zen style. A couple of spot lights and one hanging pendant lamp lights the room, but most of the light comes from the large window allowing plenty of sunlight to brighten up the space.

6. White is knowledge

White is a very important color in the zen culture. Just as in Western cultures, white means purity but in zen it also means knowledge and longevity, two ideas that people are always trying to achieve. White, however, doesn't mean stark. This room is a great example of mixing white and wood to achieve a soft and calming look. Plush white rugs add coziness to the room and break up the hardness of the wooden floor while sheer, white curtains allows natural light to flow through. The wooden platform bed and headboard are a great way to highlight the white bed allowing it to take center stage in the room. 

7. Lighting is key

Interiors can also be beautified by simple stone techniques DT Asian style bedroom

Interiors can also be beautified by simple stone techniques


An important element in any bedroom is lighting and in zen culture it is even more crucial to achieve a peaceful environment. Choose lighting that creates a warm glow in the room in order to create a nice atmosphere for your mind to relax. Bright, white bulbs should be replaced with softer, yellow bulbs so as to not create stress on your eyes. This room incorporates two beautiful bed side lamps that emit a warm, yellow glow for night time reading and relaxing and also the three overhead spotlights to light up the room. The lights shines off the light stone wall. What a wonderful place! 

How zen do you feel in your home? Tell us in the comment section! 

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