18 interesting Ways to add a Futuristic Essence to your Home

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The interiors of our home are defined by the palette, furnishings & decor. Every living space has its own character that speaks volumes about the inhabitants and the essence of the home. This makes it very important to carefully select the furnishing, decoration & color scheme.

Lately, the interior architects and interior designers & decorators have been focusing majorly on designs & items that impart a futuristic flavor to jazz up the interiors. Not only household items, but rooms/ sections of rooms are being conceptualized with an innovative novelty.

Come with me as I embark on this journey to bring the touch of future to your home. Let’s go!

1. Go Nuts over Coffee!

Coffee table 2 seater --- concept Nut & Bolt Preetham Interior Designer Patios & Decks Furniture
Preetham  Interior Designer

Coffee table 2 seater --- concept Nut & Bolt

Preetham Interior Designer

With a modish bistro inspiration, this compact coffee table is perfect for small spaces. The contemporary nut & bolt design looks snazzy & breathes life into the setting for a warm cup of coffee. The charming stools & lovely table shine in the mellowness of wood and the soft white background.

2. Playful Elegance

This eclectic tea-time setting with a chic beige & indigo palette is a modish example of furniture with storage solution. The spaces underneath the table top & stool seats can be used to keep table mats, magazines, etc. The absence of pointed edges imparts a soft look to the whole set up. 

3. Kayaking on the Couch

Ever wondered about a kayak that offers a rather cozy lounging? Well, this Kayak sofa seems to do exactly that, with an added element of fun. With a design conveying spontaneity & wacky innovation, this lovely piece of furniture is sure to up the glam quotient of your living room in a funky way!

4. Colorfully Versatile

These vibrant little stools offer seating space with a storage facility for magazines & other knick-knacks. The bright pieces allow extra space to stash away the little things you can’t decide where to put. The cylindrical tubes serving as storage space add some extra zing to the design and this piece of furniture is sure to add a new & stylish dimension to your living space.

5. Chairing your Relaxation

This contemporary & minimalist chair is a really useful choice for living & dining rooms. A great idea for small breaks, this chair offers reclining comfort & a good deal of space to stretch your limbs. The color looks great too!

6. Spanning the Wall

This spanner wrench bookshelf is a real value addition to the home of any voracious reader who has living spaces where size is an important factor. Utilizing the vertical space, the elegantly designed wooden bookshelf with the graceful color scheme is quite versatile in that it complements just about any wall color or decor – be it traditional or modern.

7. Switch on the Reading Mode

This image shows another unique bookshelf design that derives a hearty inspiration from the switchboard. Sober & tasteful in matte wood & white, this novel multifaceted design offers plenty of space for books and can be fitted onto walls with any color scheme.

8. Bedtime stories anyone?

This Y-shaped bookshelf is ideal for the bedroom wall right beside the bed. The striking contrast and simplistic yet unusual design make it an inventive visual treat.

9. Envelope of Stylish Comfort

Capsule sofa - Yellow + white Preetham Interior Designer Modern Living Room Yellow Sofas & armchairs
Preetham  Interior Designer

Capsule sofa—Yellow + white

Preetham Interior Designer

Be encapsulated in ultimate repose with this Capsule sofa that cleverly incorporates the concept of a space capsule into designing of furniture. The radiant brightness in yellow & white adds a chic look to the innovative idea. Note the horizontal yellow bar- apparently a simulation of the control panel. Quite thoughtfully detailed!

This sofa will be a dazzling addition to your living room, jazzing it up.

10. Gliding on the Knowledge Turf

How about Skateboard bookshelves to pep up your plain walls? These colorful & funky designs add fun to the reading experience alongside making the walls appear bright & attractive. A great functional element for any reading enthusiast’s room, these bookshelves also double up as simple yet stylish decor. Game for some smooth sailing?

11. Some Woody Elegance for Coffee

Another wonderful example of furniture with storage solution, this setting of square coffee table & dual box stools is sophisticated in its sober design. The warmth of wood complements the calm touch of white brilliantly; the vertical stripe pattern matches with that of the illuminated wall panel, imparting a novel and graceful appearance to the entire set up.

12. Ride the wave of Modish Ease

With this amazingly inventive floating bench, you will not just lie on the surface of absolute relaxation but feel immersed in it. The smart & innovative concept of using pipe structures with wood offers a refreshing novelty to the definition of a bench & takes it many notches higher. The idea of lighting up the back of the adjustable wooden board on the wall is a truly clever one and illuminates the area in a stylish manner when the boards are folded up & not in use. Yet another futuristic multi-functional marvel indeed!

13. Handy in Color

Rikano - A chair with storage Preetham Interior Designer Commercial spaces Yellow Office spaces & stores
Preetham  Interior Designer

Rikano—A chair with storage

Preetham Interior Designer

These chairs offer storage space for papers, books etc., doing away with the need to carry a table everywhere you settle down with a good read. It is an ideal companion for a tranquil reading time in the garden or on the terrace especially when you do not have elaborate setting with furniture. The bright colors add to the refreshing allure.

14. Hues of Zest

These vivid nut stools look funky and add a vibrant touch to the room they are placed in. As in the image, these stools work the best in a neutral background, bringing in a peppy air of cheerful & lively ingenuity.

15. Leaning onto Innovation

The unconventional bookshelf shown in this image is inventive in that it is not fitted to but leaningonto the wall. A number of rectangles & squares cut out of a board have created spaces for the books. The simple design & clever addition of smaller squares & rectangles lends an ornamental touch to this bookshelf. A bookshelf with a unique frame of mind indeed!

16. In a Designer Spirit

Spiralweinkeller, JMF JMF Wine cellar

The spiral wine cellar has been designed with an astonishingly inventive idea of multifunctionality. The lighted steps also serve as a table & a seat for placing the drinks and settling there to relish it respectively. You can, of course, enjoy it at leisure on the plush couch of the comfy lounge as well. Stylish in wood, glass & metal, the novel interpretation of the concept of a wine cellar could be a brilliant substitute to the traditional bar area of the home. Getting high on this design?

17. Lit up in Practicality

This radiant white lamp is ideal for a studio apartment. Serving a number of purposes, this minimalist style lamp doubles up as an open rack & a bookshelf as well. Multi- functional furniture is always a smart & convenient way to save space when the dimensions of the home are on the lower side. It makes the spaces look neat as well.

18. Pioneering & Offbeat

With an original concept of modern art meets geometrical design, this flamboyant stool enchants with its angular curvature. Vivid hues of the stool with three seating spaces possess a star-inspired charm; these stools are perfect for family gatherings at your place, saving space & enhancing the style quotient.

Avant-garde, practical, classy & bright, aren’t they? If you liked these ideas, take a look at this ideabook where not only some items/ spaces but the entire home is basking in a futuristic glory.

Which of these futuristic items are you going to add to your household for that chic modern touch? Tell us in the comment section! 

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