11 green ideas for your rooftop and home interior

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Plants are essential to have in our daily life. Whether it's for the routine of gardening, or to purify the air, to keep insects at bay or to prevent lung diseases and allergies, plants are advantageous to have in any form. A garden of any size helps cool the air, create micro-systems and promote a healthier environment. 

Yes, the dream would be enough room to grow our own fruit and vegetables, but more realistically speaking most of us have to settle with planters of fresh herbs hanging off the balcony, or on an apartment windowsill. But having limited space doesn't have to stifle all of your garden dreams. These properties utilize an overlooked, and underused space, one which is perfect for growing plants and bushes on: the rooftop. 

It's a great way to have some foliage in your life, without needing extra space. Now you can make your neighbours green with envy by emulating one of these incredible rooftop gardens. 

1. Easy Camouflage

This house is set in a beautiful landscape, so why not extend it onto the actual structure? Obviously having the right climate helps keep plants healthy and a rooftop looking full and luscious. Take native or local plants and try growing them in unexpected places like this one. Then your home will really blend into it's surroundings. 

2. Parks At Altitude

By adding a green space for recreation and relaxation up top, you can double the size of your home. The large lawn on top of this hotel means the guests don't even have to leave the building to enjoy the outdoors. If you have an apartment with rooftop access in the middle of the city and crave nature, then this is for you. 

With the help of landscape architects or professional garden planners, you too can create your own park above your head! 

3. Color Coordinate

This lovely little rooftop garden has carefully chosen plants made to compliment the colour and style of the house underneath. These flowers will never grow too wild or overrun the space. Choose the right kind of plants and it won't ruin your property. Avoid plants like ivy as they tend to run wild and can cause damage to the walls, eventually destroying the building.  

4. Look Up

Sure, a rooftop garden doesn't have to be limited to growing horizontally. This vertical garden growing up the wall is the perfect way to incorporate greenery into urban spaces. Also a great tip for balconies: lean an old wooden palette against a wall, line it with black plastic, fill with soil and plant some little seedlings in between the planks. Instant vertical garden! And great for growing strawberries for a summery treat. 

5. Outside In

This indoor garden designed by LANDSCAPE PAISAGISMO would be welcomed in any home. A great way to cleanse the air and keep a stuffy home feeling fresh and smelling great. With the proper drainage and an automatic watering system, this vertical jungle would require little maintenance. What better way to bring the outdoors in! 

6. Natural Pergola

This pool house just got that much better thanks to it's natural pergola. Not only does it add that extra level of elegance and sophistication to the pool, but also provides essential shade for when sunbathing gets too much. Spend a few hours underneath that dense foliage, and you would be cool enough to face the sun once again. 

7. Multiple Benefits

Paulton's Peppa Pig, BBS Green Roofing BBS Green Roofing
BBS Green Roofing

Paulton's Peppa Pig

BBS Green Roofing

This rooftop garden reclaims an unused space, turns it into a feature, and no doubt increases the value of the property, while also being environmentally friendly. Imagine every structure with a roof like this example—it would be a start to countering the pollution created each day. The more green spaces we have, the better the air quality is. So if you like breathing, get planting! 

8. Get Creative

If you are unsure of which plants are best suited to your structure, get creative and try unexpected combinations. This rooftop garden by TUINDESIGN & STYLING VES REYNDERS combines stones with succulents for a burst of texture and colour. Don't limit yourself to grasses, or standard flower bushes. Get experimental and you will be pleasantly surprised! 

9. Top It Off

The eccentric shape of this round house is exaggerated by the layer of fuzzy moss lining it's rooftop. Perfect for the house owner who loves eye catching architecture, a rooftop garden is the icing on the cake. Just as the right landscaping can make or break a property, the right garden up top can make your home that much more special. 

10. Romantic Rendezvous

A rooftop garden isn't limited only to large structures—this charming meeting point nestled in the middle of a manicured garden is charming, sweet, and so easy to build. All it needs is a concrete base, a circular form of wooden panelling and a climbing rose to cover the outside. Choose a plant that blooms year round for maximum impact or one with large, colourful flowers.  

11. Go And Grow

Paulton's Peppa Pig, BBS Green Roofing BBS Green Roofing
BBS Green Roofing

Paulton's Peppa Pig

BBS Green Roofing

Any commercial space or even school has huge potential (i.e. roof space) to play a positive part in restoring balance to our environment. Recently, creating more and more green spaces, especially in urban centres have become a priority, but there is still a long way to go. By planting your own rooftop garden, you not only beautify your home, you are actively raising environmental awareness. So let's get growing!   

For more green inspiration, check out these 15 secrets to a stunning backyard.  

Which place of your home would you add more green? Share your comments with us below! 

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