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Designed with a strict covenant in mind, today's project was not going to compromise at any point and while we respect that, it must have been extremely difficult to blend the two aspects that the clients were keen to embody. Essentially, the main idea was to design a house that had all the restfulness and relaxation of a country home, but within a starkly urban environment and when you discover that the plot of land was only 1640 ft2 in size, it makes the task altogether more tricky.

The resulting design plays with open spaces and a deep connection to the garden, even when indoors and as such you'll find great swathes of gorgeous glazing, as well as a free-flowing modernity within the walls. An impressive build, to say the least, the architects in charge certainly rose to this challenge!

You can't miss!

A beach house in the city

Never mind a country home appeal, we are seeing nothing short of LA beach house glamour here! White walls, interesting shapes that border on being Art Deco in style, fabulous glazing and careful landscaping have all come together to create a truly striking home that if we didn't know better, we definitely would not think was in the middle of a bustling city!

The perfect getaway

Well, perhaps now we can see how the request for somewhere that feels like a retreat has been handled, as would you just look at that fabulous swimming pool! Modern architectural overhangs are working their magic to create the ideal sunbathing terrace, while all the tropical plants are helping to add extra privacy and seclusion. What a house!

Modern relaxation

This feels more like a holiday home than an everyday place of residence, but that's the country house feel coming into play. Far from a cluttered, busy and stressful interior, what has been created here is languid, calm and deliciously decadent. The monochrome scheme adds a level of sophistication that is hard to beat, but the simple shapes are what really grab our attention! 

Direct passage

As we said earlier, this house has been designed to consistently offer a tangible connection to the outside world and here, you can really see that in action. The home is open, from front to back and makes it easy to reconnect with nature, should you wish to do so, but when you take a closer look at the windows, you'll see that you can do that in more than one way!

Wide open space

Just look at all those sliding windows! It's as if walls and physical divides have never been installed in this house! With all three panes opened up fully, the house and garden simply meld into one organic being and that sociable terrace, complete with pretty seating, really works for us!

Luxury on tap

When building your dream home, it makes no sense to leave anything out, so what a naughty but nice surprise to find a secluded little hot tub here! Surrounded by plants, for privacy, we can only imagine how relaxing it must be to unwind here after a day at work. You'd actually be able to forget that you were in the city wouldn't you? And that's exactly the point of this magical home!

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