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15 secrets to a stunning back yard that you can't miss!

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If you look at pictures of other people's completed back yards and wonder how you can make yours look so stylish and well put together, wonder no more, as we've got all the answers for you! We have taken inspiration from talented landscape architects and put together this comprehensive list of garden elements that are easy to install but guaranteed to make a huge impression. If you're ready to get a little more green-fingered, then read on and start planing your newly improved garden today! Ready for 15 secrets?

1. Keep your lawn well cared for

A nourished lawn is the centrepiece for a stunning garden, so don't let dry spots, bald patches or uneven mounds develop.

2. Include a recreational area

Once you've created a lovely garden, you'll want to spend some time in it and enjoy it, so it makes perfect sense to include at least some seating!

3. A cooking area will bring year-round usability

You don't need to go crazy, but a barbecue or simple grill will really bring your garden together, not to mention your family and friends over for a visit!

4. Pebbles create a neat look

If you like an ordered and well put together garden that doesn't have a bloom out of place, then large pebble shingle will definitely be a good investment for you.

5. Decking raises the levels and profile of your garden

Simple to install and gorgeous, a small deck will make a real feature of any seating area in your garden. You can stain it a good color too!

6. A vertical display will take up less room

If you're short for space in your garden, try planting up, not out! A vertical garden can even be made from discarded pallets, making it a cheap project.

7. Get creative if you want to really cause a stir

Upcycled planters are a fantastic way to firmly put your stamp on your garden, while ensuring that nobody else has exactly the same look.

8. Add a little practical function

A small garden can be purely aesthetics-led but we think a little functionality is a blessing too. How about growing some of your own herbs?

9. Add some color

Brightly colored planters are a fabulous way to give any garden a real designer touch. You don't need to buy new ones though, simply paint up your existing ones!

10. Keep things easy to maintain

The last thing you want to do is create a garden that is impossible to stay on top of. Low maintenance plants, such as cacti and succulents, will be a great asset that won't need your assistance too much.

11. Include a gardening corner for yourself

Be optimistic and assume that you will get seriously into this gardening lark! If you do, you'll want a potting station, so add one in at the start!

12. A water feature will add sophistication

You don't have to have space for a fully lit incredible fountain, as even a small water feature adds a distinct classiness and designer vibe to any garden.

13. Think about winter!

Adding a fire pit to your garden will ensure that you can enjoy it, regardless of the temperature. Can you think of anything nicer than a glass of something delicious, in front of the fire?

14. If you have children, think about them too

A garden should be designed for everyone to enjoy it, so if you have little ones, what about including a treehouse, or a play area? So much fun!

15. Encourage nature to pay you a visit

Wire Frame Bird Feeders Green & Blue Garden Accessories & decoration
Green & Blue

Wire Frame Bird Feeders

Green & Blue

A pretty bird feeder, hung somewhere in your garden, will naturally encourage some feathery and even furry friends to wander in. What a lovely sight!

For more garden inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 10 cool ideas to create a gorgeous garden.

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