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10 Ideas to make beamed ceilings work

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When you own that beautiful farm you love so much, or that old house in the city, you might have the fortune of owning a piece of historical architecture. If that is the case, it will do you well to preserve the rafters instead of trying to hide it. If your home has no ceiling beams whatsoever, it does not matter either, since this ideabook also serves to inspire you with a variety of wonderful ideas for your home that will give any space a beautiful, romantic and rustic feel. 

Today, homify will offer you a variety of ideas to implement when adding ceiling beams, or making existing ones visible. With a couple of ideas to improve your home at the best rustic style, dare to implement these and more ideas. For now, take advantage of these spaces and choose the one that suits you. We have collected pictures which show the best of a good kitchen, terrace, living room and bedroom, providing inspiration to plan and implement this style of beams in your home. 

Let's begin with this new project to make your home fabulous!

1. Kitchen classics

In this image we can see a beautiful classic beamed ceiling in the kitchen. This look is popular in traditional and modern homes alike, and will be a good addition to any home. 

2. Room for contrast

Here we can see how the kitchen planners incorporated the ceiling beams into the design of the kitchen, by adapting the style of the room to suit this feature. 

3. Open up

When you have beamed ceilings, a larger and more open space will look much better beneath it. This is why an open-plan living area goes much better with this feature. 

4. Freedom of movement

Here once again we can see how the ceiling looks so much better when it is in an unconstrained environment. We can also see how alternative exposed ceiling beams and plastered ceilings can work well together. 

5. Rustic furniture for the atmosphere

To make your ceiling stand out and create just the right atmosphere, it will serve you well to use furniture and decorations which align with the look of the ceiling, such as the rustic wooden elements in this image.

6. Resonance

In this bedroom area, we can see how the wooden elements of the exposed ceiling resonates with the wooden flooring in the room. 

7. Country style

Wooden ceiling beams go exceptionally well with country style, as we can see in this bedroom with the country quilt bedding.

8. More modern look

In this annex of a house, we can also see wooden beams in the ceiling, but this is clearly a new ceiling, displaying less rustic and more modern than the previous examples. 

9. Polygon design

Here we have a conservatory surrounded by glass to look out on the garden. The polygon shape of the wooden beam ceiling creates an dynamic rhythm which works very well in this style. 

10. Outdoor spaces

Lastly, we can see a patio space outside. Here, once again, we can see the use of wooden beams to create a ceiling structure, but instead of timber planks to cover the spaces in between, transient bamboo sheets do a better job for the outdoors. This is a lovely pergola that anyone would want for their garden.

The modern art masterpiece that is also a home
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