20 Dressers and closets great for small spaces

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Going shopping to renew your clothes is something that many people love to do. With so many choices found in shops, it is common that you end up buying outfits to suit every occasion. But what to do when you run out of closet space, especially if you live in a small home with not much storage space or if your wardrobe is small and does not accommodate the clothes you have gathered from each season’s shopping spree.

Having a space reserved for organizing your clothes is the key and today we’ll talk more about how you can easily turn your existing closet into a room that inspires you rather than a room in which you feel lost because you have no space left.

We have brought together 19 different options that you could utilize when organizing your dressing room and we have a wardrobe idea that can easily be adapted to any closet or space. Read on to find out how you can design a closet space that is both elegant and inspirational.


1. Spare room

In this example, an existing room is turned into a dressing room. You can see how impeccable the organization is when you see how everything has its place. There is a space for hanging clothes, there are baskets for bulky items, there are drawers and there is a space for suitcases too. The desk on the right with the mirror above it will inspire you to dress to impress.

2. Tailored wardrobe

Tailored wardrobes are perfect for rooms with little space. A very good tip for this option is to use all the space that you have available, even if it is in a small corner. You will be amazed at what you can fit in spaces you never knew could be storage spaces.

3. Multi-functional

In apartments or houses where there is a possibility to make your rooms multi-functional, you can see how this dividing wall in this home also functions as a clothes storage unit. The living room and bedroom are brought together in this design with the discreet wall which also has mirrors as a wardrobe would.

4. Perfectly ordered

Multiple drawers and boxes make the organization of this wardrobe perfect. The sober tone for the drawers brings masculinity and elegance to the room, contributing well to room as a whole.

5. Daylight

Leaving a few pieces of clothing in natural light is important to inhibit the presence of pests such as mites or moths. In this project, this idea was brought to the fore with the presence of a skylight which faces directly into the wardrobe without doors.

6. Vertical organization

This is another excellent example of a well-organized vertical wardrobe. The wardrobe takes up hardly any space at all and fits perfectly in between the walls.

7. Taking advantage of small spaces

Another great idea for small environments can be seen in this creative project. The bed is arranged in a small space that has been structured on a broad base which also functions as a large built in wardrobe.

8. Invisible

The minimalist and discreet lines of this large wardrobe designed with neutral colors, leave a virtually invisible appearance in the room.

9. Wall hooks

Creativity always brings perfect solutions to facilitate the day to day. In this project, small hooks were installed on the walls so that clothes and accessories could be arranged easily.

10. Integrated

Almost any room can be designed to keep a wardrobe. In this example, the wardrobe was installed in the corner becoming a very discreet and elegant arrangement in the room. The light color of the wardrobes which is similar to the walls is integrated perfectly.

11. Decorated with LED

The option of LED fixtures can illuminate any wardrobe with a touch of creativity and light as we can see in this simple and interesting project in which the lighting plays a key role. 

12. Retractable Furniture

With built-in wardrobes, the retractable hangers facilitate the organization and choice of clothing for day to day wear. A simple yet perfectly functional idea.

13. Texture

This small, delicate wooden cabinet was even more gracious with the application of adhesives to add texture on the doors. A great way to bring fashion to the interior and exterior of the unit.

14. Organizing shoes

Stairs can be a very innovative space to store shoes, especially if they are also sliding drawers. 

15. Chic design!

This storage space easily steals the show, vibrant colors, elegant lighting and good organization adds a touch of class to your dressing room!

16. Perfect fit

This dressing room takes the advantage of the attic’s sloping walls to organize the wardrobe. The sheer organization of this space is in the fact that every corner and every crevice is used effectively.

17. Curtains

In this project, the presence of a new wall was enough to create a new area for the dressing room. Furthermore, to add a touch of elegance, there is nothing more perfect than a beautiful curtain to close the space.

18. Add-ons

If you chose to buy a small wardrobe but want to increase the space for the organization of clothes, use small additions in similar colors and textures. The result will bring unity to the room and keep the organization of your things impeccable.

19. Basic

We come to this beautiful and basic wardrobe. The organization of clothes is visually accessible and elegant whilst the solid wood in light colors adapts nicely to any space.

If you want more ideas on how to make the best of closets in small homes, take a look at this inspirational idea book

20. Minimalist

And finally we have these types of wardrobes that you can only see because of the handle. Much like hotel rooms when you open a door and have no idea what is behind it. This is a great solution for the minimalist in you. 

Which of these 19 ideas could you implement in your home? Tell us in the comment section! 

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