6 colourful bathroom storage ideas

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There is always a need for storage in a bathroom since there are so many bottles and containers of all sorts that need to be stored away. There are many creative and different types of storage options that can be integrated into a bathroom to brighten up and organise the space. Here are a various bathroom storage ideas that will inspire anyone who seeks to revamp their bathroom.

Colour cubic

This lively bathroom storage idea designed by Arreda Progetta di Alice Bambini can be adapted to any bathroom. The storage units have been mounted to the wall in a way that is unsymmetrical and amusing. Also the choice of three different tints, turquoise, mustard yellow and pristine white, for theses bathroom cabinets is a true testament to cheerfulness. Not only can much be stored away in these colourful cubic storage cabinets, but they also bring a spirited ebullience to this bathroom.

Black and gold

This stunning piece of bathroom furniture has been specifically chosen to match its surroundings . Delicate gold trimmings on this black sink furniture have been coordinated with the golden detailed tiles on the wall as well as the gold framed mirror. This storage option is of noble sophistication and it brings a classic, luxurious look to the bathroom it is in. 

Triangular storage idea

This bathroom shows that when no furniture is placed in the bathroom, there ca still be space accommodated for storage such as the shelving next to the bath in this picture. The designers have opted for a triangular storage idea that follows the inclination of the ceiling and wooden beams. Integrated triangular shelving is the adequate option to choose for this bathroom since the general style of this room is that of an open space without bulky furniture.

Shelved away

Another interesting bathroom storage idea is to bring a bookshelf into the equation. The peaceful and calming shade of white has been maintained in this room with the exception of the artwork on the wall and the lush green plants. The shelving unit that is used in this picture has an airy effect since one can see the mirror through the shelves and much can then be stored there.

Of marble and mirrors

This spectacular bathroom of marble and mirrors shines through. The ingenious idea of opting for a mirrored sink cabinet plays along marvelously with the rest of this bathroom. Since the majority of the bathroom is covered in marble, the mirrors of the sink cabinet reflect the marble that surrounds it and creates great depth for the room. Mirrors always create an illusion of a bigger space: in this case the bathroom appears to be entirely covered in marble all the while making the room seem greatly enlarged.

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