A time-warp apartment that became a timeless treasure

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Renovation 104, 一色玲児 建築設計事務所 / ISSHIKI REIJI ARCHITECTS 一色玲児 建築設計事務所 / ISSHIKI REIJI ARCHITECTS Living room
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We've seen some truly awful before pictures here at homify and while the ones you're about to look at certainly don't qualify as horrendous, the transformation that has taken place is by far one of the most impressive. It's easy to be blown away by a devastatingly ramshackle house that becomes a usable space, but we think there is a subtle genius in being able to take an outdated but pleasant home and turn it into something so staggeringly beautiful that you have no choice but to stare at the pictures for a while. Prepare to do exactly that, as we just know that you're going to love what this apartment became, potentially to the point where your interior designer gets a call and a commission! 

Before: Not the worst!

First things first, let's establish that this is by no means the worst before picture that we have ever shown you. No, the wallpaper is not good and the wooden door surrounds aren't a classically pretty colour, but the proportions here are fabulous and there looks to be a lot of natural light pouring in, so we see the potential here immediately.

Before: A good starting point

As far as hallways go, we really do think that this demonstrates fantastic potential. Large, bright and fairly neutral to begin with, we believe that with some modernisation and a style injection, this could be a stunning home and is far from being unsalvageable. 

After: Unbelievable transformation

Ok, so we knew that this apartment had potential, but can you believe how it looks now? With a newly created open-plan main living space, bright white walls, soft wood cladding and a minimalist approach to furnishing, this is like a totally different home! The calm vibe is incredible, but really, just look at the way the flooring meets the walls. Spectacular!

After: Pause for thought

Everywhere we turn in this apartment, we feel as though we need to stop for a moment, just to drink in the detailing. A sparsely decorated yet sumptuous living room leads seamlessly into this bijou dining spot and we feel as though we're floating on air! Having the table perfectly match the floor is attention to detail gone wild and the recessed shelving is so simple yet effective. We officially want to live here!

After: Simplicity rules

With washed wood and bright white walls everywhere, it makes sense that perfunctory additions, such as closets and lighting, would be kept deliciously simple and pared back. Elegant hanging rails are all that's needed here and exposed bulbs, yet the effect is so dazzlingly modern and cool that we are craving something identical for our own homes!

After: Cohesive design

Leave no stone unturned if you want to create a truly harmonious and cohesive home and that's exactly what we see has happened here, as even the water closet is in tune with the rest of the décor. It really does take a special project to make even a toilet seem effortlessly stylish, but that's this home in a nutshell. Perfectly planned, beautifully executed and lovingly maintained, this apartment really shows what a dose of elegant imagination can do!

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