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5 cool ways to beat the summer heat at home

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Can't stand the heat? Do you lie awake at night in a pool of your own sweat? If you are a person that naturally sweats a lot, or if you live in a tropical climate, then these tips could be your saving grace. 

Even if you live in a place that has four definite seasons, there would have most certainly been a heat wave one summer where a fan just wasn't enough. Let's take a look at the properties that have certain design elements that are made specifically to combat unbearable temperatures. 

Ventilation Is King

It goes without saying that windows, fresh air and ventilation are probably the most important things when it comes to keeping a place cool. Make sure the windows in your place open up as fully as possible and stay open for as long as possible. 

If you are unsure of what window is best for your house, make sure to consult these experienced window specialists for some valuable advice. 

Take A Break

Another way to keep things cool is to block out the sunlight in the peak hours. Southern Europeans will know this rule well. Shutters are closed and blinds are drawn during siesta hours when the temperature is too hot to handle. 

Heavy thick curtaining in the bedroom will do the same job, and will also give that extra touch of opulence for the interior. Make the space cozy for that midday power nap you will recharge your batteries for the rest of the day—no sweat!

Air Circulation

Aside from air conditioning, fans are an essential for all stuffy homes. They are just the thing you need to keep moving the air around. They are especially important for homes with high ceilings—you don't want to let the warm air hover up top. 

Get an effective fan, with large blades and a fast rotation speed you will feel much cooler instantly. Why not even install multiple fans to really get the job done! 

Breathable Fabrics

Organic cotton - CABO model KOKO KLIM BedroomTextiles

Organic cotton—CABO model


Avoid synthetic sheets while sleeping. They only increase the amount you sweat. The best options for all linen is always pure cotton, or pure silk. Even a silk blend is better than nothing. It not only keeps you cool in the summer months, but will help you stay warm in the winter. A magic material!

Cool Down

Not much can beat a cold shower when the heat becomes too unbearable. Have a shower like this one and you probably won't want to leave! 

If you immerse yourself under cold water before jumping into bed, you will take your temperature down a couple of degrees, having a much more comfortable sleep. Also a great tip to combat the heat is to hold cool packs, or ice cubes on the inside of your wrists for some time. It's a fast and easy way to cool your whole body down!

Living in a warm climate, you have the perfect excuse to upgrade your shower! Avoid these common bathroom mistakes and you will be able to cool down in your dream shower in no time. 

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What do you do to stay cool? Tell us some of your personal tips below! 
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