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Kids furniture, whilst being colorful and functional, should also be easy to clean, hard to break and fun to use! Today we will show you some wonderful ideas for decorating kids' bedrooms and playrooms and for choosing furniture for your kids that is educational and designed for developing your child's mind and imagination. Of course it helps if the furniture also provides a bit of storage for your their favorite toys and objects so that packing up is easy and efficient. 

Let's take a look at some exciting pieces of kids furniture that is bound to inspire young minds. 

1. Children's table and chair

This is a children's table and chair that is also an easel. It can be lifted upwards to provide your child with a steady surface for drawing or painting. When they are finished with their masterpiece the desk also provides storage for paperwork and pens and pencils. What a great way for children to work, paint and store their things. 

2. Chalk-board table

A chalk-board table is a fantastic idea for a kids playroom, not only because it is a neat little table that your kids can freely draw on with chalk, but also because it is easy to wipe, and it also stores chalk and pencils in the center!

3. Writing desk with storage

This is a perfect writing desk for kids of school age because it provides them space to do their work and also store their belongings. It is compact which means it can be placed in any room in your home, and the charming colors and storage drawers on the inside make it easy to pack things away so that nothing gets lost. 

4. Play desk

A play desk like this is colorful and charming as it provides everything your child needs in their own 'home office'. For children that want to imitate your own home office, you have to admit this comes pretty close in efficiency and stylishness. Everything is in plain view and easy to access, from the shelf in arms reach to the drawers and writing utensils on the desk—it is simply adorable. 

5. Lego storage and play area

This play desk is charming and certainly inspires law and order when it comes to Lego! Your kids are able to sit and create freely with this easy-to-reach box which sits in the center of the desk. When they're done, the Lego cube is covered up which ensures that the pieces don't end up in the vacuum cleaner.

5. Learning center

This convertible desk and learning center is a perfect piece of furniture that will add value to your child's bedroom or play area. Providing them with a space like this will inspire your kids because it has a lot to offer, and quite simply it has everything they will ever want all in the one spot. The desk folds out, whilst there are clever storage spaces with the cabinets above and the storage drawer underneath. This learning as well as entertainment center will keep them busy for hours. 

6. Creative role-play

Kids love to role-play and the best thing you can do is create a space where they can let their imaginations run wild. Rather than just giving them a desk, give them a 'stage' on which to carry out their wildest fantasies by role-playing with their favorite characters. This house-shaped stage with a window embedded on the side is a perfect little cubby house where kids can sit for hours and play with their favorite toys. 

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What do you think are the essentials to have in your kids room? 

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