15 ideas to make a mini living room feel massive

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How does that song by that band go? Something like: you can't always get what you want… but sometimes, you might find, you get what you need. Yeah that's it. That lyric seems pretty fitting for today's focus. We take a look at having something which may not be ideal, but being able to turn it into something quite perfect. We are talking about home decor of course! 

If you have a small living room, and are wanting to expand it without removing walls, these top tips are just what you need. Armed with some big ideas and the right furnishings you can make a room lacking in floorspace more than enough. Here are 15 of the smallest living rooms that make up for their lack of size with their tons of extravagance, style, practicality and style…

1. Heighten The Senses

Sight and smell don't have to be the only senses you use in a room. Think about touch as well. In this cozy, rustic living room, as many different textures and surfaces as possible have been put together. 

Concrete floor, brick wall, wooden staircase, cotton upholstery, cashmere sofa throws, metallic fireplace, clay pot and furry rug. Make the room a real experience to be in.  

2. Free Up Space

With a corner sofa you can have more space in the middle of a small room for easy movement. Don't clutter the room with more furniture than what is necessary. Combine and condense are the words you should remember when choosing what to put in the room.

3. Make It Multi-Purpose

By using the same item for different purposes, you have uncluttered, and you save on precious space. The shelving unit in this cheerful modern living room is also used to house the television. It's custom built and compliments the patterned carpet on the floor perfectly. Stylish and practical!  

4. The Elephant In The Room

An easy trick is to direct people's attention to a certain point in the room: away from the small dimensions, and onto a big attraction. Make the elephant in the room something worth looking at—like this incredible brick foundation pillar. 

Exaggerate it by matching the surrounding walls, floor rug and furniture to its colors and you will have a new focus in the room. 

5. Highlight Certain Areas

700, URBN URBN Living room TV stands & cabinets

You can quite literally tun the spotlight on certain areas, and leave others in the shadows. Consider carefully where you want people to look—if you have high ceilings, then install lights higher up. Create areas of interest with LED lights, or use lamps to create different moods within the one room. Highlight the positives of the space. 

6. Fresh And Fruity

Use bright, warm and positive colors on your walls and you will start to feel positive about the room you are in, no matter how big or small. This lively orange wall is the perfect color to compliment the wicker furniture and luscious palm trees. What a tropical delight!

7. Petite But Posh

Just by carefully curating the furnishings and decor, you can make a small room feel palatial. Generally, dark colors, and leather make the space feel more expensive. Keep the lines straight, sober and sleek and your petite room will be a plush.

8. Big And Bright

If you are able, then make the windows in your room as large as possible. There's nothing like natural light to make the space feel bigger, brighter and better. Avoid heavy curtains as they close the space in and make ceilings feel lower. 

9. Customise Furniture

When you build furniture to fit the dimensions of you room, like this incredible full wall cabinet/display unit, you are truly using every inch wisely. If all of your media, decorations and objects are in one place, the rest of the room can be used exclusively for relaxation. Keep it minimal and multi-use. 

If you love big televisions, but aren't sure how to incorporate it into your new design, these tips are exactly what you need!

10. The Great Divide

If you need to use one big room for two very different areas, then position furniture to create visual barriers. The long gray sofa in this living/dining room makes a clear division between the two sides. Having a change in flooring also helps distinguish between the sides. 

11. Speak Volumes With Patterns

This incredible black and white spiral patterned carpet is the main attraction of this room. Especially contrasted with the painted wall fierce red-orange. Choose attention grabbing textiles and colours to do the talking and define the space. 

12. Get Superficial With Surfaces

Exposing the foundations of your walls, or at least mimicking them with paint effects is a great way to liven up a boring boxed room. These concrete walls (whether real or fake) stop this living room from being bland and boring. The frieze around the top of the walls is a fresh feature, again showing off how lighting can really change the appearance of a place. 

13. Lighten Up

Sometimes a small space can't handle a lot of color—so it may be better for you to keep things light with neutral colors. Float light curtains don't weigh this room down, and the reflective floor helps move light around, making it seem that much bigger. 

But don't forget about colour all together—include it in small amounts. These spicy red high stools are the perfect example. 

14. Leave A Mark

If you have a bit of enthusiasm and the right tools, you can add some personal touches to your little living room. Wooden pallets like this one are often discarded after used, and can be easily sourced, re-purposed and be made the star of your space. 

You could also built your own wooden drawers to slip in underneath for storing magazines or newspapers. A great way to impress guests!

15. Delight In The Details

Our final room to take a look at is this delicate, dreamy living room. Full of delightful touches, it does not matter one bit if the room isn't a palace. Focus on textures, on unusual lighting, high quality materials and interesting surfaces and you will have everything you need.   

Concentrate on the details, and the big picture will follow!

If you want more advice on how best to furnish any room in your house, then most definitely consult these professionals. Their years of experience will make your redecorating adventure harmless!

We are obsessed with the rug and feature wall in Number 11. What's your favourite mini room?

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