​13 Stylish Designs For The Modern House Facade

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Building a home on your own plot of land is a dream for many and undeniably comes with many advantages. You can plan for the comfort of each family member and design your living spaces as per the family’s requirement and as a reflection of your personality. The first thing that one sees is the facade—your dream home should definitely have a beautiful exterior! With this in mind, we bring you 13 inspirational ideas for a stylish modern facade. Have a look!

​1. The closed look

Two small windows set in blank walls gives this modern facade a discreet and elegant appearance. The gentle slope softens the linearity of the structure.

​2. Elegant minimalism

The immaculate white beauty of this façade is set off to optimum effect with the use of black borders and glass panels. What a statement in sophisticated minimalism!

​3. Dramatic exterior

This is a linear work of art! The seemingly abstract placement of the majestic columns between large windows creates a dramatic effect.

​4. Communing with nature

The glass walls look ever so stylish and provide an excellent view while also allowing an abundance of natural light inside. The slatted wooden panel looks striking!

​5. Combining textures

Look how stylish this façade is with its contrasting materials—cement walls above and bricks below! The large glass sections make this a beautiful open design as well.

​6. Preferring privacy

This house showcases privacy with only the garage being open to view. The interesting inverted “L” structure creates multiple horizontal levels for a pleasing and trendy look.

​7. Blend of elements

The exciting patterns and contrasting textures create a dynamic exterior. Note the stylish futuristic roof and imposing elongated door!

​8. Modern sophistication

The play of materials and varying height in this façade make it an elegant structure indeed. The masonry creates a stylish effect against the cement background.

​9. Futuristic Facade

This elegant grey and white façade turns futuristic on the upper floor. The open design of the roof gives a floating appearance to this unique exterior.

​10. Impressive exterior

This façade resembles a jigsaw puzzle with imposing interlocking blocks! The masonry walls to one side contrast pleasingly with the smooth walls of the main building.

​11. Trendy Design

The flowing inverted “S” is an ingenious design that makes this modern house an eye-catching edifice! The white and grey colour palette enhances its elegance.

​12. Bricked up!

A snazzy modern twist to the traditional red brick house! Look at the different textures of bricks creating a beautiful effect!

​13. Variety of volumes

Different colors, sizes and shapes create volume to form this modern elegant facade. The unique windows, wooden panels and gray brick walls come together for a stylish effect.

Take inspiration from this diverse collection of contemporary facades to give your home an extra dollop of oomph! Here are a few more ideas for your house makeover - 10 spectacular kitchens for modern homes!

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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