Beautify your bathroom wall in 7 Awesome Ways

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If you think that your bathroom is simply a place to quickly take a bath and get ready for the day, then you need to think again! This room in your house rejuvenates you, inspires you and makes you feel positive enough to face life with a smile. So naturally, making your bathroom visually appealing is a top priority, which can be achieved easily if you focus on unique wall decors. From bricks and mosaic tiles to paintings and masks, a variety of decorative accents can be used for changing blank and boring bathroom walls dramatically. So check out these 7 brilliant ideas and get inspired.

Earthy feel

Lining at least one of the walls with bricks is a great idea to infuse a modern and stylish bathroom with rustic charm. This spacious and primarily white bathroom designed by the interior architects at Udesign Architecture, gets a whole new edge with the earthy brick accents. The chic glass shower enclosure and the cozy tub add an industrial chic and inviting aura to the space too.

Vibrant and arty

An explosion of colours makes this bathroom stand out, with mosaic stones in different bold hues adorning the wall with the mirror and the shelf holding the sink. You can almost feel the temperature here going from hot to cold, as the colours of the stones gradually goes from red and yellow to blue and green.

Creative medley

Unique and geometrically inspired colourful mosaic tiles deck the wall of this bathroom for a cheerful and contemporary appearance. Rustic touches like the stone washbasin and the solid wooden pedestal holding it lend further textural intrigue to the space, while flowers bring in freshness.

Interesting sculptures

This bathroom has a wall entirely devoted to various sculptures and masks which are full of cultural significance. It is a great idea to brighten up your bathroom, if you are handy with a hammer and nails. Or else, you can also mount a single large piece of metalwork against one wall to add spice to your bathing haven.

How about a painting?

Your bathroom wall maybe the best place to unleash the artist in you. Or if you are not good at painting, get hold of a friend or neighbor who is good at it. Request him or her to decorate at least one of the walls with a beautiful landscape scene or something else that catches your fancy. And if you don’t know any artist, feel free to contact a professional.

A lively green wall

Make your bathroom stand out from those of your acquaintances by creating a vertical garden or green wall. Self-watering green walls can often be purchased from suppliers offering interior landscaping items. As an alternative, you can also get a few floating shelves installed in a column against a wall, and adorn each of them with small potted greens. It will act as a vertical garden too.

Quirky ideas

This small but unique bathroom flaunts a quirky wall installation which represents one half of a tree. But thanks to the gigantic mirrors, the reflection shows a full tree, which adds a vibrant touch to the predominantly white space. Concealed background lighting adds extra pizzazz, while the mirrors lend the illusion of roominess. Trendy and minimalistic fixtures in white and grey make this bathroom a very modish place.

So what are you waiting for? Pick the idea that appeals to you the most and change the way your bathroom looks magically. Here’s another story that you might like - 7 Ideas to pick the perfect tiles for your bathroom.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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