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A lot of things just look nicer when they’re made out of glass. Simple, pure and innately clean looking, it’s no wonder so much use is made of this material in contemporary product design. The glass items featured here are practical as well as aesthetically very pleasing, so if you're looking for some new inspiration for bits and bobs for your house—especially the kitchen—look no further. 

An unconventional decanter

This watering can shaped decanter must be up there among the very most unexpected ways to serve wine. Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to using it for wine; there are dozens of purposes this pretty object could serve (including actually watering plants, naturally).

​For fast food lovers

This is an unusual alternative to placing your packed lunch in a Tupperware container. Coming complete with a neat place to stash your fork and a convenient handle, this bowl/lunchbox is worth showing off.

The lid acts as a separate compartment, so you can store two different types of food at the same time without getting them mixed up with each other.

And this is what it looks like in action. Pretty nifty.

​The accessible egg

This triple egg cup also offers a simple way of retrieving your breakfast from a bboiling pan without getting burnt or splashed.

​Variety is the spice of life

CONTRASTI glasses FAIRSENS KitchenCutlery, crockery & glassware



Subtle differences between near-identical objects help bring some variety and interest to everyday actions. Everyday actions such as drinking a glass of water, for example. These four glasses, though identical in shape, each manage to demonstrate a little bit of their own personality through their different patterns.

All shapes and sizes

SOULMATE candle FAIRSENS KitchenCutlery, crockery & glassware



This cute unconventional glass has a quirky shape that perfectly complements its unusual colour.

​Hydration with spirit

These beautiful bottles are a great purchase whether you want to use them for a practical purpose or purely decoratively. The clever restaurant-style top is a very appealing feature.

​Sparkle and fizz

Vintage Soda Syphons Travers Antiques KitchenCutlery, crockery & glassware
Travers Antiques

Vintage Soda Syphons

Travers Antiques

A vintage soda bottle such as the ones shown here can make for a very pretty and unexpected accessory for the kitchen, or even for the living room mantelpiece. This type of bottle was widely produced in the past and is still easy to track down at flea markets and in second-hand shops. If you’re lucky you might even find one that still works – though make sure you check it thoroughly for rust before you put it to use.

​Let out your inner mad scientist

The glasses and decanters in this very cool-looking set could easily be mistaken for some kind of lab equipment.

This seems like a pretty good way to make water appear a little more interesting.

​Vintage vines

The pretty pattern of grapes and vine leaves printed on this glass brings some simple vintage elegance to an otherwise plain object.

​Upside-down brew

Which way up does this beer mug go? Either way works just as well – and both offer plenty of novelty.

​A taste of Hollywood glamour

This beautifully detailed glass bottle is so feminine and elegant in its form that it resembles an oversized vintage perfume bottle, perhaps found sitting atop the dressing table of a glamorous silver screen starlet from several decades ago.

​The charm of a blush

Rosa jug and glasses homify KitchenCutlery, crockery & glassware

Rosa jug and glasses


Just the slightest hint of pink is enough to give this jug and glasses an innocent, rosy warmth.

​Condiments with confidence

Harch Condiments Caddy Harch Wood Couture KitchenKitchen utensils
Harch Wood Couture

Harch Condiments Caddy

Harch Wood Couture

Put your oil and vinegar proudly on display with a transparent set of bottles like these. This set is similar to the kind often found in restaurants, helping to lend an air of the professional to your at-home meals.

​All the colours of the rainbow

If you can’t pick one colour for your glasses, why not pick them all? As shown here, shades that might seem extremely different in your imagination can actually complement each other surprisingly well in reality.

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