20 Art pieces to glam up the household

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Art reflects life. Art also inspires and fuels our passions. If you want your home to reflect your taste then adding art to your decor is a sure way in which you can express yourself. 

Whether you choose something flamboyant and colorful, or if you go for something which brings significant meaning to your home, the possibilities to use art to add life to your household are endless. From buying well known art or prints, to decorating using sculptures, paintings, drawings, furnishings, or even things you picked up at a flee market, you can give your home a touch of uniqueness that reflects your personality. 

Let's take a look at some inspiring art pieces which the interior decorators have used to glam up these fascinating households. 

1. Visual intrigue

Choosing artistic objects which are symbolic and unusual such as these doll-like sculptures is sure to create intrigue. They are positioned amidst simple furniture with a background of colorful wall art, objects such as these are sure to dress up any room. 

2. Terracotta tones

The next best thing to real plants are artificial plants. These clever cactus sculptures are certainly fascinating. Visually distinct, they stand out in any room and work well individually or grouped together. 

3. Wall art

Having wall art which is comprised of one color or theme adds a certain mood to any room. Whether you are going for warm or cool tones, having an appealing painting on your wall is like having a feature wall that is both textured and striking. 

4. Street art at home

Graffiti can either look tacky or striking, and by placing a touch of street art in your home such as this painting, you are sure to make an urban statement. The blend of styles work well in this bedroom because the art gives the room a less formal feeling; it is edgy and modern. 

5. Textured grooves

Placing artwork that inspires touch is a perfect choice for any kitchen because in the kitchen we are using our senses. These white frames have a tangible quality which makes them perfect for the heart of the home. 

6. Hand-made art

Unusual objects such as these handmade plates and bowls are multi-functional. They can be used in the kitchen or simply placed on a bench for striking decoration. 

7. Souvenir decoration

Sometimes souvenirs can make great additions to your home, not only because they trigger memories of places we have been, but also because they are often precious objects which carry with them the feeling of another culture and place. 

8. Staged art

Your home is a stage, and your artworks are your players. Choosing several artworks and placing them on the household stage can work to make your home exciting and unique. 

9. Industrial art

Experimenting with different colors, styles and textures when decorating your household can really show off your creativity. 

10. Old world meets new

From the renaissance to pop art to pastiche, choosing art that is expressive yet classy can really liven up your household. In this image we have a variety of pop icons whose image epitomizes an era ortheme in the history of art. 

11. Glam pieces

Artworks, whether ready-made or created anew can be positioned in fun and playful ways in order to enliven any room. In this instance, we have various mediums working together to create a single unified work. We personally love the microphone-shaped lamps hanging above the dining table!

12. Ceramics

No piece of hand made ceramic can ever be the same which is why having hand made ceramic vases, bowls, plates gives any room in your household a unique personalized style. 

13. Retro remnants

Retro furniture can sometimes resemble sculpture. Having eclectic retro furniture of various designs and colors with funky artwork and photographs on the walls can really revamp any urban apartment. 

14. Geometric shapes

Furniture inspired by geometry such as these unusual chairs and objects can also function as sculptural pieces made to shake up and enliven any household.

15. Direct canvas

Who said ideas need to be pinned to a canvas. You can use your walls to capture your ideas, such as this cute design for a children's room. 

16. Ready made objects

Since Marcel Du Champ famously placed a urinal on a wall in a museum and called it art, the idea of using ready-made objects was born. Making art from recycled objects is an innovative way to make a statement in your household.  

17. Revolutionary ideas

What we see can be different to how we perceive and understand something. This rule also applies to modern art where there are layers of meaning beyond what is presented to us. 

Any home can be modernized and by choosing art that illustrates a change of perception, you will likely intrigue your guests. If you look closely at this image you will see more than a bicycle and this is exactly what modern ideas are about.

18. Ancient methods

Clay has been used for centuries to make pots, kitchen items, amphora's and various other useful objects. We can pay homage to our ancient predecessors by having items in our home which are made with raw materials. These marvelous bowls are unique and they certainly bring a touch of earthiness to any household. 

19. Art and light

Using vivid light to illuminate the unique qualities of an artwork is a way to celebrate how special it is. This image is a perfect example of how light and art can compliment one another to give your place a certain mood. 

20. Sculpture and inspiration

Choosing to place sculptures in a household makes a statement. You don't have to visit a museum or gallery to find inspiration. You can have objects around you that inspire you daily. They also look spectacular in any room. 

If you love homes with distinct decor ideas, take a look at this one!

What artwork do you have in your home and what does it add to your household?

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