10 stunning garden ideas

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Honing in on an amazing garden style that you can copy and even improve on isn't as tough as you might think, especially when you have us here to show you a range of fabulous ideas! We know that not everyone is as imaginative and creative as professional gardeners, but that doesn't mean that we can't all take inspiration from their projects and use that to create sumptuous, stunning outdoor spaces to enjoy all year round. If you've been looking for some gorgeous garden motivation, look no further as we've got everything you need!

1. Green walls are so easy to maintain!

A green wall will give the look and feel of a mature garden, but with none of the heavy up-keep requirements. Now that sounds like a perfect compromise to us!

2. Gravel and flowers are a match made in heaven

Just look at the combination of striking shingle and pretty blooms here! Neat, contained and so beautiful, this is a quick and easy way to reach garden perfection!

3. Border your home for a real impact

We LOVE this border that naturally follows the shape of the house and offers the opportunity for some dense greenery! It really adds a softer edge to a strikingly modern home and though it's only a small installation, brings a gorgeous aesthetic!

4. Play with shaped beds

Opting to create shaped beds and amplifying the effect with colored shingle and a variety of plants is fabulous and you can choose whatever you like! Circular beds work fantastically well!

5. Create your own fortress

Perfect fencing is a simple way to ensure that your garden always looks stunning and well put together, especially if you opt for tall panels! Not only will your garden be utterly amazing to look at, you will also have the pleasure of complete privacy too. What a bonus!

6. Make a low-maintenance, big impact

If the idea of constantly tending a garden doesn't appeal to you, opt for a style that looks phenomenal but rarely needs you to interfere with it. Cacti are the ultimate in low-maintenance plants, so how about a collection in your garden?

7. Match your garden to your home

Whatever your garden plans are, make sure you choose something that will work, aesthetically, with the style of your home. This luxe contemporary home looks incredible with a woodburner and green wall installation, but an English country garden would have fallen rather flat!

8. Keep it simple

If you're after a quick to install idea that will transform your garden and make it more usable, we can't recommend a terrace enough! You can create one with decking in a few hours and as you can see here, it will look fantastic!

9. Add a little 'om' to your home

If you've been thinking that some of these ideas are great, but your garden space equates to a balcony, we've got you covered too! A zen installation can work anywhere, from a tiny self-contained bed to an enormous outdoor paradise, but the structured set-up makes it ideal for a compact space. That gravel is so stunning!

10. Fall in love with flora

The whole point of having a garden is to enjoy the possibility of some beautiful blooms, so if you are a little stuck for ideas, perhaps it would be best to simply go crazy with flowers! The more you plant, the better your garden will look, so work with a symmetrical planting system in mind and let nature do the rest!

For more garden inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: How to plan your perfect garden.

Which of these ideas would make a big impact on your garden?

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