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Decorating the home is so much more than simply creating well used spaces that are organized and beautiful. Decorating the house gives us an opportunity to mirror each environment with our personality and our tastes. Recognizing ourselves in the details of each environment is what distinguishes our homes from others.

Today, we arrive in São Paulo, where we are presented with this amazing interior design, inspired by the tastes and personalities of the residents. Designed by professionals Alma em Design, this home combines soothing colors, shades of gray and green with custom furniture and vintage style, which provide comfort, practicality and personality to each environment.

Are you curious to unravel all of the angles and the charms of this super-personalized and stylish rustic apartment? Then check out the following details and images to discover the fascinating interior design of this space, which reflects the true tastes and style of the residents.

A retro-style dining room

The dining room stands out for its combination of rustic style wooden furniture, especially the iron dining room table with the wooden top and the beautiful vintage cabinet. These enhance the personality of the space, bringing in a bit of a retro style to the room.

Soft colors and vintage furniture

As we explore this home, we will see that the interior design is characterized by a soothing color palette with warm gray tones and touches of green and blue. This combines with the eclectic furnishings, especially the vintage-style furniture, which reflects the tastes of the residents.

Integrated social spaces

The interior design integrates social spaces, making the most of every corner. The wall between the living room and the dining room has been used as a little home office and music room, while still remaining integrating with the dining room, living room and TV room.

TV Room

The TV room features a customized bookshelf, made exclusively for this room. It stores all of the personal and decorative objects in this space, offset by a gorgeous wooden panel that works in harmony with the wooden floor. This creates a very warm and cozy environment.

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Kitchen with a glass door

In the kitchen, there is a glass door with iron casting that has been painted black. This allows the kitchen to remain integrated with the dining room and receive a lot of natural light—genius!


The kitchen is distinguished by rustic finishes where wooden cabinets combine beautifully with the green walls and hydraulic patterned tiles. These create a very relaxed and jovial atmosphere.

The door has been painted black, doubling up as a blackboard. This adds functionality and personality to the kitchen.


The bathroom is distinguished by a rustic wooden bench and finished with green wallpaper, bringing a very natural ambiance to the room.

The bedroom

The bedroom features neutral colors and custom furniture, which are truly beautiful. Don't you love the wooden headboard? 

The headboard extends to create side tables, maximizing convenience as well as a very homely ambiance.


This bathroom is very different to the previous one, characterized by a palette of black and white colors while the walls are covered with hydraulic tiles. Don't you love the floor pattern?

The child's room

This bedroom belongs to children who are 15 and 11 years of age. The room features personal little nooks for each.

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Daughter's room

The walls of the daughter's room are lined with wallpaper that are finished in vintage style prints.

A feminine touch

The daughter's room also has pink furniture such as the dresser and the desk, which bring functionality and a more feminine touch to the environment.

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