10 perfectly simple homes you'll wish were yours

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Simple homes are often the most stunning homes. They might come in neat little packages, resemble storybook homes or even earthy country retreats. But what they all have in common is a lack of excess, unnecessary decorations or fussy details. They also happen to fit quite perfectly into the modern day aesthetic. This is one that focuses on the quality of materials, minimalist design and the quiet beauty in nature. Best of all, simple homes are cheaper and easier to construct because they are often available in prefabricated designs. So let's check out 10 perfectly simple homes. We bet you'll fall in love with at least one of them!

1. A white home with a peaked roof

This white home with a peaked roof is set in Japan. It has loads of privacy and a lot of internal space. It's definitely one for those who love a simple family home.

2. A country cabin

A love of simplicity often comes with a love of nature. This simple little country cabin is designed as one single volume and a flat roof. It's also prefabricated so it can be quickly and cheaply reproduced in almost any locale.

3. A modular home

This modular home is composed of a single level, but the wrap around glass walls adds a certain sophistication. It's bold, refined and simply luxurious. There's certainly no need for fussy railings or decorations with a home like this.

4. The ultimate simple home

Japanese architects often come up with some of the most perfectly simple homes. This little white Japanese home is simply perfect. It doesn't have a single front facing window, but it looks welcoming anyway.

5. Tiny prefabricated home

This tiny micro-home sits on wheels and has a single living area with lots of windows and a little porch. It definitely has an American colonial or old European cabin look to it. It's also one of the cutest little homes we've seen.

6. Simple single-level home

This home isn't the simplest we've seen. But it has a certain unity. The main windows all have the same dimensions, the roof is flat and it's simply composed of just a few natural materials.

7. A big black box home

This big black box of a home looks like a huge fun house to explore. It's as simple as a child's drawing and we suspect it's just as much fun inside. Note how the property is set on a corner block too.

8. Elegant and simple

At first glance, this two level modern home looks just as simple as the others. But in truth, there is a lot of subtle variation in this facade. The front garden area is composed of subtle shifts in colour and the floating entrance steps continue the simple geometric theme.

9. The modest white home

This family home is modest but superb. The colour scheme is white, there are no windows and the basic layout is fairly conventional. But all this restraint results in a home with undeniably understated elegance.

10. A home that belongs in a storybook

We love storybook homes. They remind us of old fairytales and improbably flights of fancy. This wooden home is almost like a simple wooden barn. But the streamlined design and refined materials definitely make it a modern home.

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