9 Awe Inspiring Doors Ideas

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The door or the gate of the home is something that is noticed first. When you design your home, it is important that you make the first impression right and choose the most viable designs for the door of your house. Here are 9 beautiful ways in which you can ensure a grand entrance to your personal abode.

​1. Conventionally charming in wood

When you choose to go for wood, you may run the risk of joining the masses. However, if you select the right veneer and a neat pattern, you can definitely create a wooden masterpiece and stand out from the rest.

2. Fuse technology and elegance

With the use of electronic mechanisms, you can give your wooden door a touch of technology. While the design may be conventional and classy, the way in which the door opens can be mechanized for convenience.

3. Reminiscing the golden years

If you are passionate about traditional country-house type designs, you should go for the panelled door model that make use of panels in wood and glass to give it a unique touch.

4. Fabricated and sturdy

When you have a home to protect, you may need the iron gates. As such, your choice of gate could be completely traditional with metal gates that tower high and are made to be sturdy and long lasting. Not only is an iron gate easy to maintain, but also its simplicity enhances its beauty.

5. Opt for the abstract

For those who may be completely into abstract and modernism, may choose the entryways where modern materials such as glass are used in combination with metal and wood to help give birth to a unique and outstanding idea.

6. The traditionally designer doors

There used to be times when intricacy in décor was considered to be a huge thing. If you are into traditional architecture and design, you may love the heavy glass panes and the intricate carvings and mouldings on the door.

7. Simple double doors

If you need to keep it simple, you can opt for the double doors that are used in country homes and even in some remote villages. These doors give the home a more cozy and warm feel.

8. Wood door or wood gates or both

While wood is a preferred material for doors, there are a lot of people who install wooden gates. This helps in clearly defining boundaries and creating classic designs at the same time.

9. A psychedelic mix

You may be into colorful and lively designs and showing it on the door may give an edge to your home, while at the same time, raising the bar of what may be expected on the other side of the door.  

The door or the gate of a house not only provides protection and privacy to the users, but also helps representing the house, which is why the design of the door should be selected with a lot of care. Take a look at another story that might pique your interest— 10 things you should know about cleaning your home!

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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