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A quaint French home gets a makeover

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Atelier FA - Achitecture d'intérieurs & d'extérieurs
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No matter the size of your home, a renovation is always possible if wanted. Though it may not look like it from the outside, this small home in France was in desperate need of an update. The home was maintained fairly well, but this renovation was more a matter of bringing it into the 21st century! The kitchen was seemed like a bad flashback to the 1970's, with yellow tiles and mustard counter tops, and the backyard had no flare.

After the renovation this small home was brought into the modern world! This French home is less than 328 square feet and now has everything that one would need and more! The architects have added skylights and more windows to bright up the small home and create a vibrant and happy atmosphere!

Dingy and outdated

This kitchen was so stuck in the 70's that you would think time hadn't past. The yellow counter tops and tiles left the room looking dingy. The wooden cabinets make the room seem dark and clunky. There's a lot going on in this kitchen, with the flowered tiles on the top half of the wall, to the yellow ones of varying shades, to the floor which incorporates blue, white and red. Before the remodel, this kitchen was cluttered without having any of the essentials, such as an oven, and the counter tops were taken up by various small appliances. For a small home, this kitchen took up a lot of space without being practical.

Bright and modern

The genius architects at Atelier FA completely transformed this kitchen and brought it into the 21st century. All of the hideous tiles was removed and were replaced with an array of sleek cabinets, increasing the storage space without feeling too cluttered. The upper cabinets were raised to the ceiling in order to add more storage without making the space feel too cramped. The sleek, white counter tops now brighten up the space and anchor the darker black cabinets. By adding L-shaped counter tops, the architects increased the work space and practicality of the kitchen. Natural light floods through a newly added skylight as well as the window over the sink. A small wooden table acts as an island as well as a small dining area without taking up too much space.

The living area

When you walk through the front door of the home you are instantly greeted with coziness. The open floor plan features a small living room with a TV and a large dining table. To maximize space, the TV has been anchored to the wall making consoles a thing of the past and freeing up the hallway area. The dining area is quite large for a small home such as this! The dining table easily seats six people and can be extended to fit even more people if needed. Entertainment is a priority in French culture and this space is great for entertaining for a number of people. 

The desolate backyard

This very large garden area and would be great for entertaining, but no one cared enough about this space. The closed off veranda didn't create an open and cohesive environment for people to enjoy the outdoors. The small garden adjacent to the home was not maintained very well and the entire backyard feels neglected and gloomy. There was so much potential for this large backyard, all it needed was a bit of a spark to get things going.

The outdoor patio

What was once closed off, has now been opened to see the gorgeous greenery of this backyard. The veranda has been removed and now a concrete patio with a few plants and cozy seating has been added. The kitchen looks out onto this lush new garden that is vibrant and welcoming. A small vegetable garden can be seen to the right of the large tree, perfect for growing your own food. The large glass door provide ample light to the home and is also a great way to enjoy the outdoors during the colder months. This updated garden has been transformed from gloomy to dazzling with just a few simple changes!

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