An outdated home gets a modern update

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Remodeling your home is a massive task to take on but comes with so many rewards. Today's remodel is from Lisbon, where an extremely outdated apartment gets a completely modern renovation. Everything from the floor tiles, to cabinets, to all of the appliances were removed and replaced with bright and shiny new features. What was once brown and dull is now black and sleek!

This remodel focused mainly on the kitchen and two bathrooms, all of which had old terracotta colored floor tiles and dingy wooden cabinets. The transformation to sleek and modern is incredible and the apartment is almost unrecognizable!

Brown to wow

The first thing you can notice about the old kitchen is the terracotta colored tiles and dingy wooden cabinets. Every item in this kitchen was well out of date, from the sink fixtures to the stove, nothing could be salvaged. The transformation, however, is incredible! The wooden cabinets were switched out for sleek white cabinets without handles, an ultra modern look. The gray counter tops have been replaced with black granite and the floors for dark slate. The window was even replaced with small glass blocks and what was once unused space below, now holds a small cabinet, adding more storage space. 

Black and white throughout

The most notable feature of the kitchen is the backsplash, which went from white tile to a pencil tile in a myriad of different shades of black and white. This striking installment really adds a wow factor to this kitchen and gives it the modern update it so desperately needed. The white stove and oven was replaced with a simple black stove top, creating a sleek cooking area. The new cabinets have also been extended towards the ceiling hiding the hideous metallic piping and creating more storage space for the kitchen. The tiles that surrounded the room has also been removed and the walls painted white to match the theme.

A more practical space

Before, the kitchen felt too clunky, with a stove and oven sticking out of the wall. Now the oven has been moved to the wall along with a microwave and refrigerator. The new design allows for all of these built-ins to be flush which creates a sleek look while also adding more storage space. Even the door, which was once a wooden door with glass panels has been replaced with an all glass door to add to the modern look of the apartment

Mismatched tiles become sleek and modern

The original bathroom included the same basic tiles in a pale yellow and terracotta tiles on the floor and the two clashed in a horrible way. The bidet and toilet weren't a problem but they stuck out awkwardly against the two different-colored tiles. The new, remodeled bathroom is much sleeker with added storage space! The floor tile has been replaced with the same dark slate tiles that we saw in the kitchen, while the tiled walls have been removed and painted white. New floating toilet and bidet have also been added to follow the modern theme.

Shower power

While everyone enjoys a good soak in a tub every now and again, the awkward shower/tub combination is a thing of the past. The tub can make it difficult for people to climb into, and this leaves people prone to slipping and falling. The tub was removed and a proper shower with rainfall shower head was added to give you the best shower of your life. The outdated sink vanity has also been replaced with a built-in floating vanity that includes storage space below and extra counter space. This updated look is sleek and gives you more space to play around with.

This yellow is not mellow

Yellow is a difficult color to incorporate into a room, especially a bathroom, and this is a perfect example. This small bathroom tried to have it all but just couldn't do it. The small, open shower was a very awkward addition to this bathroom that is too small for the room. The remodel removed this strange feature, along with the bright yellow tiles, and replaced it with a cool and modern sink vanity and toilet. The tiles were switched out for simple white paint and tiny mosaic tiles, creating an elegant look. The large mirror spans the width of the bathroom and is back-lit, providing a soft yet ample lighting for the space. The sink vanity features a ceramic white basin that juts out and includes a hole which one can hang a towel from, a fun and unique way to add dimension to a small room. 

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