10 things you should know about cleaning your home

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Keeping the house spotlessly clean is something that all of us would like to achieve. We give it our best and scrub, wipe, vacuum, basically wax on, wax off, Karate Kid style. However, as shocking as it may sound, we get these 10 methods of cleaning WRONG all the time!

1. Bacteria disguises as a sponge

The kitchen counter top, the sink and the bathroom may all look sparkling, you might even be able to see your reflection, but when a sponge is used for cleaning, it leaves a lot of bacteria and creates an unhealthy environment..

2. ​The spraying tool

If you love to spray cleaners on glass, marble and steel surfaces just as they show in the ads, you may have got it all wrong. The right way to use these spray products is to spray them directly on to the cloth and wipe the surface clean. This way you avoid inhaling the cleaning product. 

3. Cleaning the cleaner

After having cleaned the WC with a toilet brush, you may have hurried to put it back in its holder without giving a thought about cleaning the cleaner. It’s time you started rinsing the brush clean and let it dry before you shut it out back where it belongs.

4. ​A rushed job

It may do you well to not start a cleaning job too late, or when you are tired, because when you try to rush through the job, you may end up doing a bad one. Make sure you have enough time in hand before you start. Put some music on, that always works for me. 

5. ​Ignoring product instructions

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Cleansing products for different purposes are made with different chemicals and compositions. If you use one solution for everything, you may not be able to get anything cleaned. It is always good to read what the product specializes in and use it only for that. Plus, mixing chemicals is never a good idea, they can react and damage your house or harm your health. 

6. Cleaning window panes on a bright day

When you use a cleanser and water on the window panes, the summer sun will work harder to dry them out, which will increase the time you spend in scrubbing the panes. Choose to do the job on a less sunny day and see how easier it gets. For tips on window maintenance check out Window Cleaning.


​7. Using the to and fro motion

When you clean surfaces and use the to and fro motion, unintentionally, you may be dragging dirt all through the surface. However, if you lift the cloth the bacteria will not spread. Make sure you have intervals to clean the cloth as well. 

8. Less is more

We may think more cleanser could translate to more cleaning, but the truth remains that the product works only as much as it is meant to. Excess use of the product may damage the surfaces and your health.

9. Goodbye my old friend

If you use vacuum for carpet or floor cleaning, and you see that the old sport can't handle the load of dirt any longer, it might be time to change the old boy. 

10. Electronics vs Moisture

You may think that the dust settled on the DVD player may damage it, but the truth is that the product you use for cleaning the electronic damages it more. Electronics should only be dust cleaned to keep them functioning for longer.

If you know the right techniques to cleaning around the house, you may do a better and a safer job at it. 

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