7 incredible pools that will leave you breathless

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Who wouldn't want to take a dip in their own private pool surrounded by lush vegetation, comfy lounge chairs and smooth ceramic tiling? We can't help but imagine waking up and swimming laps to start the day, or winding down at nighttime floating among the jets and colored lights of our own watery paradise.

The ultimate luxury, an outdoor pool and patio is often dreamed about, but hardly realized. This list featuring pool side properties is a great way to start achieving that goal. Let them inspire you and kick start the plans. Enlist the help of some professionals and you won't be far off having your dream pool in your very own backyard. It also doesn't have to be overly elaborate or cost as much as you might think. Nor do you have to have a huge amount of land. Let's dive right in and take a look at these 7 stunning pools!

1. Tight Turn

Swimmers aren't the only ones who make tight turns. The architects for this pool have as well. With little space to man-oeuvre, they have still managed to build a dream pool. Nestled into the corner, the designers and owners have used the limited space extremely well. Stairs leading in on one end, and well built edges mean there is still enough space to swim. 

One side is kept open and finished off with tiles to make sure this pool is not too 'boxed' in. 

2. Stay In The Lanes

Another great design that stays within its perimeters, this lap pool is perfectly suited for the long and narrow piece of land it is on. It's best to be realistic about the dimensions of your property and plan your pool accordingly. 

This one uses the surrounding features, like the colorful house, cheerful stepping stones and bright flowers to add to its unique character. 

3. Wild Swimming

Admittedly the view is what makes this pool extra impressive. So if you have the space, why don't you do the same? Plant plenty of trees, shrubs, flowers and bushes to give you the feeling of swimming in the middle of nature. Layers of vegetation is also a great way to give your pool some privacy if you like swimming sans bathing suit. 

4. Swim Responsibly

This palatial sized pool really amps up the level of opulence and luxury. But you can too. When planning your own oasis, think about the accessories and the details that will make it exactly what you want. High quality, slip-proof tiles, reclining deck chairs, terracotta pots for plants, and most importantly: a couple of bright sun umbrellas. It's hard to relax with a layer of sunburn! 

5. Make A Splash

The pool is the perfect place to get playful. Bright, youthful accessories—cushion covers, planters and inflatable animal rafts, will make you feel like everyday is a tropical getaway. 

The painted wooden floorboards around this pool is an inexpensive way to build a surrounding patio area, and is fairly water resistant. It may require repainting after some time, but that would be a good reason to revamp the colour every few years. Stick to bold colours and you can't go wrong!

6. No Lifeguard On Duty

Underwater lighting is also an important feature to think about. It would be a shame not to enjoy your private pool at nighttime. Whether it's the lights on the side wall, lighting up the water from underneath, or even just bright lights on the patio, you need to have the space illuminated. Primarily for safety, but as we will soon see, also for ambiance…

7. Don't Swim After Eating

This pool gets a 10 out of 10 not only for technical, but for style as well. Coloured lighting under the water can transform the whole property, not only the swimming area. The striking pink and blue lights here turn this house into a seriously stylish place to be. 

But if you don't have the space for an extravagant patio like this one, create a smaller entertaining area and install a grill. Perfect for hosting dinner parties. But remember to digest before taking a dip!

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We like the simplicity and colour of No. 2. Describe your perfect pool below!

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