10 signs your home is organized!

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An organized home is a happy home. When every item in your house has a home, you instantly create a very warm and inviting environment that is cozy, cared for and neat.

There is nothing worse than a well-designed home that has items littered all over it. Not only does this create a sense of unease whenever you are trying to relax in your home but it doesn't make for a very peaceful or serene setting. It constantly feels like you should be tidying up!

Today at homify, we present you with 10 signs that show that your home is organized. These are proof that it's the little things that make the biggest difference.

1. An inviting entrance

Often entrance halls are overlooked and simply become a dumping ground for shoes, jackets and handbags, but this shouldn't be the case! An entrance hall is the first impression that people will get of your home so you want it to look inviting as well as organized.

Have a look at these tips for making a great impression with your entrance hall.

2. Shiny cabinets

While we regularly wash our windows and scrub our floors, how often do the cabinets and shelves get some love and care?

By regularly giving these spaces a wipe down or even a polish, you can end up with a home that seems to sparkle!

3. Laundry baskets

Often we end up placing our laundry baskets in inconvenient or impractical spaces, which means that we end up with clothes all over the bathroom floor or on the bed.

Place laundry baskets in your bathroom so that you can put your clothes away whenever you get in the shower or the bath. 

4. A home office with shelves

Often we install a home office in our houses, which is a great idea. It gives us a specific place where we can do homework or work on our laptops. However, often we don't have the right infrastructure in this space so we end up with papers, files, books and stationery all over.

This is why it's so important to invest in shelves and cabinets in this area where everything can be stored neatly away.

Have a look at these things to consider when choosing shelves.

5. Speaking of shelves

Shelves enhance any room in the house, providing it with plenty of storage space while utilizing vertical space at the same time.

6. There are so many types of shelves

If you're organized, you'll know that there are so many options when it comes to choosing shelves for storage. In this design, by professionals BN International we can see how floating shelves double up as a functional item and a decor item.

7. It's all about the lighting

A cared for home isn't complete without some gorgeous lighting, which not only illuminates the finer details of your design but also creates a wonderful ambiance.

Invest in lamps, lanterns and even candles for your home.

8. Natural light

Natural light also plays a role in a clean, modern and loved home. Plenty of sunshine and fresh air is very important for a healthy and happy living space!

Ensure that your windows are sparkling clean and that your doors and windows open up wide to let the light in. You could even invest in skylights too.

9. A good old closet

A plain old wardrobe with dedicated drawers, shelves and hanging space goes very far when it comes to a neat and tidy home design. If you don't have cupboard doors, make sure that your items are always very tidily packed away as they are on display!

10. Invest in some baskets

A basket can keep all sorts of items neatly packaged together such as cushions, blankets, wood for the fire and toys in the kid's room.

They also bring a lovely rustic touch to the space!

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