8 clever storage solutions for a small home

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When decorating a small home there are many things we need to pay attention to; from choosing the right furniture, to the dispersion of light when creating visual openness. The most important thing to be mindful of in a small home is how you organize your storage space. Our homes should feel comfortable and spacious no matter how small in order to avoiding clutter and that 'warehouse look'.

Let's look at some clever storage solutions for small homes. 

1. Smart bedroom storage

The bedroom is a place we retreat to after a day outdoors, it needs to feel fresh, welcoming and comfortable. It is also the place where we usually store seasonal blankets and clothing. With bedroom storage, a closet can be filled quite easily so it is often the case that we need extra room. This bedroom has the right idea because the bed frame is used as a storage solution. 

2. Storage is in the design!

Designing a room that is both functional and stylist is something that the Tote Design Company has chosen to implement when designing this dining room. The table is elevated by a wooden floor which also functions as a storage area under the table, and yet you would never know it's there. In this instance, the occupier of the home has chosen to store his camping gear under the dining area and the high floor has created a relaxed atmosphere which is both unique and unusual. 

3. Compact storage

What a creative use of space! In this image we can see how a narrow in-between room can serve various functions. The floor to ceiling storage solution adds extra storage space, whilst also being a visually enticing room to do some work. The wood is warm and pleasant, whilst the white material and furniture create visual unity. The storage spaces are unique and compact and this design can be introduced and implemented in any small hallway or just before you enter a room such as the bedroom. 

4. Bathroom unity

This bathroom functions as a laundry as well as a laundry room area. The shelves above the toilet and washing machine allow for the storage of everything laundry related, whilst the basin and toilet are visually compact allowing for plenty of room to move. The storage is behind closed doors and the mirror is a sliding one yet you wouldn't know that there is storage room behind it. Everything is in its place. The gentle lighting coupled with the black walls and raw wood ensure the bathroom looks stylish and modern. 

5. Perfect harmony

The living room is a perfect example of creating visual harmony in a room. The simple shelves scattered above the TV cabinet are easy to manage and do not allow for clutter. The shelves allow for seasonal exhibits and changes in style and furnishings, whilst the TV cabinet creates a sense of unity. 

6. Creative steps

Stairs are an essential element design of a house but they do not need to occupy a large space in a small home. The space under these stairs is used conveniently to store items as well as make a visual statement of creative design and style. The stairs not only act as a TV cabinet and book shelf, they are also sturdy, functional and chic in a cozy den such as this one. 

7. Unusual book shelves

The shelves above this sofa are so easy on the eye because they seem weightless and simple. They are fresh and innovative and can be installed just about anywhere. This corner is so cozy with the simple sofa, fireplace and neat shelves that it makes you want to linger and relax. The charming atmosphere is further complemented by the fact that the items on the shelves are within arms reach so that you can put all your favorite things on the shelves and easily access them. Unlike overburdened bookshelves, these shelves are not dust collectors, but are rather bright and breezy. 

8. Breezy home-cafe storage

This living room was clearly designed to avoid formality. It resembles a relaxed coffee house in which the style complements the storage ideas. The use of wooden crates under the sofa, coupled with the simple shelves overhead creates a relaxed atmosphere in which storage is not a problem. With plenty of natural as well as artificial light seeping in from all sides, the living room is visually open which immediately increases its appeal. 

If you have a small kitchen and need new ideas on how to improve its style and storage, take a look at these 8 ideal kitchens for small homes!

What type of shelving solutions work best in a small home? 

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